How to Be a Smarter Presenter When It Comes to Using PowerPoint? – Best Tips

How to Be a Smarter Presenter When It Comes to Using PowerPoint
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How to Be a Smarter Presenter When It Comes to Using PowerPoint?

Once you have created your PowerPoint presentation, it is important to make sure that you present it in a way that conveys both information and excitement. It is not easy to create a compelling presentation. To make your presentation successful, there are many factors you need to consider. Each person is unique. This is the process I use. You’ll see that it is cyclical. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have completed all the steps at one point.

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Here are some tips for making sure your presentation is engaging:


How is a Smarter Presenter?

A smarter presenter is one who does more than just stand up and deliver a speech. They leverage technology to enhance the presentation experience for both themselves and their audience. A smarter presenter knows how to use visuals, video, audio, animation, and other digital tools to make their message more engaging and memorable. They understand how best to organize content into an effective and visually appealing presentation. They also recognize the importance of keeping their audience entertained, informed, and engaged throughout their presentation. By leveraging technology to bring a unique, interactive experience to their presentation, a smarter presenter can make a lasting impact on any audience.


Here are some tips to be a smarter presenter in PowerPoint presentation’s.

Get it started with YOU.

Start with the good people. As I find my calm, please bear with me.

If you feel a little nervous, don’t worry. It’s normal. People are generally open to receiving information. Listen to your voice and embrace it. Don’t let anyone down. Keep in mind that your audience is judging you. Give them what they want. Do not let your guard down or you could be embarrassed or worse. You can quickly correct any mistakes by using humor to distract them from what you have said.

If you are honest, sincere, and approachable, you will be a good presenter. Your goal is to make yourself believable to your audience. Also, try to make them laugh. People are people. Some will be able to relate to what you have to say. Others may not. But they will always be those who criticize.

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Identify the story and tell it

We are presenting a story to the audience. We want to inform the audience about something that we don’t know, and we want to persuade them to accept a view we hold, or a combination thereof. The beginning, middle, and end of the story must be identified. After that, the presentation should tell the story. Presentations should not be just a dump of data. If the goal of the presentation is to just provide data, we should cancel the presentation and send the data out. Presenters give a perspective that data can’t provide by itself.


Use PowerPoint for clarity and to amplify your message

An image projected on the wall adjacent to the speaker is intended to give a visual representation. Visuals should complement the words of the speaker, not repeat them. The visuals must communicate graphically what words can’t. Slides should not be used if the words are so simple that they don’t require clarification or amplification.


Don’t give too much information

Speakers have known since Aristotle that audiences will remember only a few points from speeches. This is the “Rule of Three”, as Aristotle put it. Choose three ideas to present, and then present them. You can break each of these into three parts, but they won’t remember the fourth. Take a look at Steve Jobs’ Apple presentations. They were all structured around the “Rule of Three”.


PowerPoint’s Secret Weapon. It’s the “B” button. When you’re in View mode, the “B” button will turn any slide on your screen black by pressing it. What is the point? It is to get everyone’s attention back toward you. This technique is useful if you want to stimulate discussion.

Your title slide can also be helpful when people enter a room. This will help them know where they are (e.g. at breakout sessions). Next, press the “B” key just before you say “Okay everyone, we’re ready for this.” Remember that you are the influencer. The view can be reactivated by hitting the “B” button again. 

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Get involved with the audience during the presentation

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to inform, persuade or entertain. Your goal will be met more easily if the audience plays a part in the presentation. People do not like being talked to. They prefer to be spoken to. Ask questions. Ask for opinions and stories from the audience. Use visual support to make the presentation interactive and encourage discussion.


Make sure you have the right talking points

Prepare a list of talking points before you deliver a speech. These should contain the key messages that you want your audience to understand and feel by the end of your speech. Begin with three to five broad messages and then go through several supporting points.

Your talking points should be organized in chronological order. Start with the main message. A list of your messages will help you avoid getting lost in your presentation. It will also ensure that you don’t forget any important points.


If possible, create a narrative for your content.

For presentations with more rigid structures, such as performance reports, this may not be applicable. However, for presentations with more flexibility, it can be more effective to present your content in a narrative format.

Stories are more appealing to the emotional side than information, facts, and figures. They make it easier to relate to your audience and will also make your message more engaging. These tools make complex concepts easier to understand for your audience who might not have the same experience or work in the same industry.


Make sure that the presentation is legible from any part of the room

Avoid using fonts and graphics that are difficult to understand from the back. Experts recommend that font sizes not less than 28 points be used. You have too much text on each slide if you need to reduce the font size below twenty-eight.


Don’t use PowerPoint as a Teleprompter

Don’t read your slide show to the crowd. Don’t fill your slides with everything that you have to say. Don’t make the audience wonder what you are adding to the presentation. Slides are not for the speaker, but for the audience. Slides are for the audience, not the speaker.


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