How to change age on instagram?

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With over 700 million active users, Instagram is one of the most popular photo and video-sharing platforms. If you’ve been on Instagram for a while, you might have posted a picture of yourself with a birthday cake. However, your birthday may not be accurate or up-to-date, which can lead to an unsatisfying experience on the platform. To improve your experience on Instagram we recommend that you update your birthday whenever necessary to ensure it is correct.

When Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, changing one’s birthday on the app was a straightforward process. Since its acquisition, however, linking the app to Facebook can complicate this. By default, if your Facebook birthday is set but not your Instagram birthday, then it will be imported from the former. Therefore it is important to keep these two in check to ensure their accuracy.

Instagram offers several features that allow you to develop your social media presence and engage with people who follow you. One of those features is the option to customize your birthday on your profile page. You can make creative use of this feature and choose a special icon representing your birthday—whether it’s a premade icon or one that you design yourself. Here are a few suggestions if you’d like to change your birthday on Instagram.


Step 1: Open Your Instagram App

To edit your personal information on Instagram, including your birthday, you’ll need to open the app. Upon opening it, you may be asked to log in with your details. The Instagram logo is a camera with a white lining imposed on a pink and purple mixed background. After logging in, you can proceed to make edits to your profile as needed.

You can sign in to your account using any combination of email, username, phone number, and even Facebook if you’ve linked the two accounts. Additionally, if you’d like to access your Instagram on a PC, you’ll need to use the web page for that.


Step 2: Access Your Profile Page

Once you have finished logging in, your next step is to access your profile page. Click on the avatar icon at the lower right corner of the app. This will bring up your profile page, showing images and videos you uploaded. You should also see an “Edit Profile” button beneath your bio; this provides access to personal information settings or allows for editing of the bio itself. If it does not appear on this page, follow these instructions for accessing the settings.


Step 3: Access Your Information Settings

If the edit profile page does not offer access to the Personal Information settings, users may find those options through the Settings menu. By selecting the three horizontal lines at the top right corner of their profile page and clicking on Settings, a list of different features will appear; an Account should be selected from this list. Once Account has been selected, users can click on “Personal information” for further options. This page contains personal details about the account holder that are hidden from public view. These items include email address, phone number, gender, and birthday.


Step 4: Edit Your Birthday

To update your birthday on Instagram, select “Birthday” from the Personal information settings within the app. You will be able to edit your date, month, and year as needed. If you have linked your Facebook account with Instagram previously, your birthday might already have been updated automatically to help Instagram filter the content that is displayed on your feed.

If you have linked your Facebook and Instagram accounts, you may need to update the birthday listed on both platforms. You can adjust this by clicking on the “Update on Facebook” button next to your birthday and logging in. These updates will be applied instantaneously in both accounts.



Users may wish to modify their birthday information on Instagram for a variety of reasons. Meta makes this easily attainable, however, please keep in mind that you are limited with the number of times this is allowable. Therefore, please be sure to provide the correct date or wait a few days if alterations were recently made.


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