How to Change the Background Image and Color in Google Slides?

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You should know that one of the most important parts of every presentation is the style of that presentation cause it reflects your brand. 

So the question is what we should do ignorer to have a better style for our presentations. Before explaining to you that that is good to do I have to say that you can work with some agencies that have similar experience in this field I mean they should work on branding and designing both, Also the price is matter too so you should check their price and their samples too. Here I recommend you to call my colleague in Temmis, they will help you with our free consolation as much as they can.

Back to our topic, here I will learn you have to change your background and make a great style for your brand and yourself in your presentations so stay with us if you are interested in finding a way to have a great style.


How to add an image as the background?


Step 1:

You should open the google slide and then select the slides whose background you want to share (here you should only select slides).


Go to ‘Slides’ and click on the ‘Change Background’ option from the dropdown menu.2 - A.jpg

Step 3:

Click on the ‘Choose Image’ option and then select ‘Browse.’ A new window pops up.

2 - B.jpg

2 - C.jpg

Step 4:

Select the image that you want to apply to the slides, and then click on the open.


Step 5:

Here you should just click on Done and then your background change.

2 - D.jpg

How to Change the Background Color of a Slide?


Step 1:

Go to the background that you want to change. Go to the ‘Slides’ option and click on ‘Change Background.’

How to Change the Background Color of a Slide - A

Step 2:

Select the ‘Color’ option. It will show you a range of colors that you can choose.

How to Change the Background Color of a Slide - B

Step 3:

Select your desired color and click on ‘Done.’

How to Change the Background Color of a Slide - C

How to Change the Background of Multiple Slides in Google Slides? 

One of the most useful ways for you to change your background is to change them together cause there are sometimes that we don’t have much time to change them one by one so the only way that we have is to find a fast way to change them so here I will learn you how to change them in the fastest way:

4 - How to Change Background Color of Slide in Google Slides - A.jpg

Step-1: Select the multiple slides

Here you should hold the ‘’Ctrl’’ key and then click on the slides that you want to change the background color of them so you are selecting multiple slides.

After selecting them the selected slides are highlighted with a yellow border around them and this means that they are selected so you are not going to be confused about the slides that you have selected them.4 - How to Change Background Color of Slide in Google Slides - B.jpg

Step 2: Select the “Change Background” option

Now we are going to open a pop-up window for doing that simply we should right-click on any selected slides and then it will open a menu, you should choose the “change background” option.

4 - How to Change Background Color of Slide in Google Slides - C.jpg

Step 3: Choose a Background Color for the Slides

Click on the “Color” option. A drop-down menu with an array of colors will appear. Just choose a color that you like.

After selecting the color all slides that you have chosen will change.

4 - How to Change Background Color of Slide in Google Slides - D.jpg

4 - How to Change Background Color of Slide in Google Slides - E.jpg


Now you know have you can change your background and this will help you to build a great style for your brand in your presentation. 

Here I ask you to tell us if there is something amiss in our blogs, also if you need more help you can call us and we will help you to have a much better presentation.

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