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How to change the dimensions of a Google slide? – Best possible ways.

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Google Slides lets you change the size of your slides. This includes the height and width. This can be done by opening a presentation and changing one or both dimensions. You can change the size of a slide in Google Slides in the same way as in Microsoft PowerPoint. Select a custom size in the drop-down menu, then resize the slide accordingly. You can also manually resize slides by clicking on their borders and then resizing them using your mouse. Google Slides’ default size is 8.5″ x 11″, but what if you need a different size? This article will show you how to change the dimensions of a Google slide.


How to change the dimensions of a Google slide?

There are many options available for slide design. You can create visually appealing slides that are easy to read and simple by choosing the right aspect ratio. The standard aspect ratio of 4:3 is ideal for standard screens. However, the 16:9 ratio works well for large-screen displays.

Now, let’s get started!

Step 1:

Open a Google Slide Presentation on which you wish to modify the slide size.

Step 2:

Click to open. A drop-down menu will open. Click on Page Setup. A small window with page setup will open on your screen as soon as you click Page setup.

Step 3:

You have the option to change the size of your slides. To do this, select the Page size drop-down menu. Google Slides’ default slide size is widescreen (16:9). Google Slides offers many options to change the size of your slide. Click on any of the preset slide sizes provided by Google Slides. Or, you can manually adjust the size of your slides by clicking the ‘Custom Slide Size’ button.

Step 4:

To change the size of your Google Slides presentation slide, choose your preferred slide size. To confirm your selection, click the ‘Apply‘ button.



How do you change the aspect ratio in Google Slides?

This is for people who want to share their slideshows on a different display. The aspect ratios and size may not be symmetrical. This can cause distracting bars to appear on your slideshow and other issues. Also, you can choose to have the slideshow shown in a certain aspect ratio. You can experiment with the aspect ratio before you start the presentation. However, if caught off guard, the steps above will still apply once you exit the slideshow mode.

  • Open the Google Slides app and select the File menu option at the top left.
  • Select Page Setup.
  • Open a new window with the current aspect ratio. To open the menu, select the aspect ratio. There are several aspect ratio options available, including 16:9 and 16:10. There are several aspect ratio options, including 4:3, 16:9, and 16:10.
  • Click Apply to finish. The full-screen mode should now match the aspect ratio you have chosen.


Customizing Slide Dimensions in Google Slides

What if the slide size options offered by Google Slides aren’t enough for you? What if you need to increase the size of your slide? For an effective presentation, learn how to change the slide size in Google Slides manually.

These steps will help you to change the slide size in Google Slides manually.

It would be better if you chose the custom option.

Type the slide dimensions you want into the text box. The slide dimensions you want to use. Slide size can be entered in any measurement unit, including inches, centimeters, and pixels.

After you’ve entered the custom dimension, click Apply.

The slide dimensions will be automatically updated when you adjust the aspect ratio of Google slides. Google Slides’ default aspect ratio can be changed to change the aspect ratio of the entire presentation.


Why do you need to change the slide size?

Google Slides allows you to adjust the size of your slides to suit your needs. This is an easy and effective way to ensure your presentation looks great. These are a few reasons you might want to adjust the slide size in your Google Slides.

  • You can adjust your videos, presentations, and graphics to suit different screen resolutions by using the default aspect ratio of 16/9.
  • We recommend a 16:9 widescreen if you need clarification on the screen that your presentation will be seen on. If your presentation is viewed on a mobile device or in low-resolution settings such as YouTube, you can use the standard aspect ratio of 4:3.
  • Print your slides at a ratio of 4:3. This format is ideal for handouts and posters.



Google Slides is an excellent tool for creating posters, flyers, and presentations. You need to be able to use Google Slides for more than creating presentations. Google Slides offers many options for changing the slide size. You can change the dimensions of your slides by adding borders or backgrounds.

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