How to change the hyperlink color in PowerPoint?

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Hyperlinks are the essential building blocks of today’s World Wide Web, connecting trillions of pages and files to create a vast network. Whether taking the shape of an icon, graphic, or text – like “Computer Hope home page” for instance – these powerful links invite us on journeys through cyberspace.


What is a Hyperlink?

Embedded hyperlinks within your presentation can unlock a world of possibilities! With just one click, you could be taken to another web page, open an email box or PDF document, or jump to another point in the same presentation – the sky’s the limit. Where will this link take you?


Why Change the Color of Hyperlinks?


Make your presentation stand out with customized links! PowerPoint provides a variety of ways to change the color of hyperlinks, so you can design them in a way that blends perfectly into your expertly crafted slideshow. Discover these methods and more – tapping on one clickable link at a time!

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How to Quickly Hyperlink Color in PowerPoint


Unlock the power of Hyperlinks! Linking up to websites or external files is an easy way to make your PowerPoint slides come alive. All you have to do is highlight some text, switch over the Insert tab on Powerpoint’s ribbon, and paste a URL in the Address box – then click OK for effortless connection!



Looking to add some extra flair to your website? Change the hyperlink colors in a few simple steps! Go over to the Design tab and click on that double drop-down arrow located at the bottom right of Variants. This will take you into Colors > Customize Colors, where you can select new shades for both regular and followed links. Once satisfied with your choices, hit Save – it’s as easy as that!

Reap the rewards of a single color change – with just one alteration, you can refresh your entire presentation. All hyperlinks are automatically transformed at once thanks to this simple update technique!


How to reset a hyperlink color?


Getting lost in a sea of clashing colors while making presentation slides can be distracting and disheartening. Luckily, there’s an easy out – just head back to your theme menu and click the reset button for all default color options!


How do you stop hyperlinks from changing color in Powerpoint?


Have you ever been looking at a Powerpoint presentation, and noticed two seemingly different colored hyperlinks? Don’t worry – this is not a design faux pas. It’s actually just the result of having one color for active links, and another to show which ones have already been clicked on! If their hues don’t quite match you’re aesthetic though, don’t despair – with some creative problem-solving skills, there might be an easy fix after all.

With a few simple steps, you can revolutionize the look of your presentation. Just choose any color for the Hyperlink on the Theme Color menu, then click Followed Hyperlink – and voila! All links in the presentation are now unified to that beautiful hue so they stand out regardless of their status.


How do I change the hyperlink color if I don’t see a Colors button?

To customize the color of your hyperlinks in a Microsoft Powerpoint slideshow, head to the Design section and click on an arrow with a line above it – this will open up options for you to create personalized theme colors. Voila! Now your presentation can have all sorts of wonderful hues.

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PowerPoint doesn’t always have to be plain and boring! You can customize your presentation by changing the color of hyperlinks, so they fit with your design. This is a great way to make sure all elements in your slides are cohesive – just another small step towards creating an unforgettable PowerPoint experience.

With just a few clicks, you can easily customize your PowerPoint presentation and make those pesky hyperlinks stand out with any color of your choice. Don’t let time constraints hold you back from taking advantage of this simple feature!

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