How to Change the Measurement Unit in Microsoft PowerPoint?

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PowerPoint’s Ruler, various dialog boxes, and task panes (such as a picture or object size) display in centimeters (cm) or inches (inches). You will need to modify the settings in your control panel to change the measurement system. You can’t modify the measurement system in PowerPoint, unlike Microsoft Word.


How to Change the Measurement Unit in Microsoft PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint does not offer an easy way to change the ruler unit. Instead, it relies on Regional Settings in Windows 10. Although it is pretty crude, you must modify the Windows settings if you wish to change the unit. My default setting is cm because I’m using the Metric. It will display inches if I change it to the U.S.


How to modify the measurement system of PowerPoint in Windows 10?

  1. Close PowerPoint
  2. Click Start at the bottom, then type Control Panel into the search box. Press Enter to display the Control Panel. Windows 10 displays the Control Panel.
  3. Click Clock, Language, and Region in the Control Panel. A dialog box appears.
  4. Select Region. A dialog box appears.
  5. Select Additional settings. The Customize Format dialog box opens.
  6. Select Metric under Measurement system if your measurements are in centimeters, or U.S.A. if your measurements are in inches.
  7. Double-click on OK.
  8. Start PowerPoint. 

You should also notice the changes in the Ruler. The ‘Ruler” option is checked. The Ruler will now appear in inches instead o cm.


Adjust the Measurement Unit of PowerPoint on Mac

Quit all Office applications currently running on your Mac. Next, click the Apple icon in your menu bar and choose “System Preferences.”

1- Click “Language & Region” in the “System Preferences” window.

2- Click “Advanced.”

3- Click the up or down arrow beside the “Measurement Units Box” tab. The context menu will allow you to select your preferred measurement system.

  1. Finally, click “OK” to close Microsoft PowerPoint. The measurement units will now be set to the chosen measurement system.


In PowerPoint, what units are the rulers?

The default unit for the PowerPoint ruler is the inch. You can change the unit of the PowerPoint ruler using the guides above. Open the Show measurements by units in settings in User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, > PowerPoint Options > Advanced. Next, select the Enabled option and choose the unit you wish to use. To save the change, click on the OK button.


What about Word & Excel, How to change the ruler unit in them?

It works with any Office installation. It worked on Office 365, which I used on my computer. We will demonstrate how it works in Word as an example.

  1. Open Word. Click on the File menu, then choose Options.
  2. Select the Advanced section from the left panel of the Word Options window.
  3. Scroll to down of the right pane until you see the Display section.
  4. Once is found, select the desired unit and click on “OK.”

You can alter the ruler unit to inches, centimeters, or millimeters. Picas can be used to represent horizontal fixed measurements. Points can simulate pixels.

This is the best way to visualize how it will look on paper. This is used to design newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and ads. Picas measure 1/6 inch in diameter and have 12 points.

This applies to all Microsoft Offices, including Excel, PowerPoint, and others. This option can be found under the Advanced > Display section.


There are two additional options under the display section.

  1. Show pixels for HTML Features – This uses pixels to measure dialogue boxes related to HTML Features.
  2. When it comes to printing, you can show measurements in the width of the characters.

If you wish to return the ruler unit to its default measurement units, return to the Office application options window.

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