How to change the orientation of a google slide?

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We are always searching for ways to improve our presentation and look more professional, plus we need to attract our audience’s attention. 

For these reasons, I am always searching for ways to share with you and teach you how you can achieve this goal, so here in this blog post, I will earn you how to change Slides Orientation to Portrait in Google Slides. 

But here I have to mention that if you have an I portent presentation that you care about, it’s better to work with a design agency that knows the way.


Changing Slides Orientation to Portrait in Google Slides


Step 1:

As always, our first step is to open our google slides presentation and then click the File menu. Then from the pop-up window, you can select ‘page setup.’


Step 2:

In front of you will be the default aspect ratio, i.e., Widescreen 16:9, which will get displayed. Click on the drop-down arrow to change the orientation.222.png

Step 3:

Click on the option’ custom.’


Step 4:

Here you can see the default size that you can change to any other dimension. Also, you can change the unit of measurement to pixels, points, or centimeters. 


Step 5:

And finally, our last step is to click on ‘apply.’



Creativity is always the way to be different, and I always enjoyed changing content in different ways cause they are beneficial. You are putting your presentation in. A vertical position will attract your audience’s attention. Also, if you want to know more about exhibitions and presentation tips, it’s good to go and check out our other blogs. 

Here I need to mention that if you have an introductory presentation and want it to be perfect, it’s good to talk with an agency with similar experience in creating and designing presentations so that you can try and call my colleagues in temis marketing and use our free consult. 

presentation design services

presentation design services

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