How to choose the best fonts for an eCommerce website?

How to choose the best fonts for an eCommerce website?
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Since ancient times, font selection has been a big concern for the printing industry. Fonts attracted people’s attention either consciously or unconsciously. In general, the shape of the words and sometimes the size of the words were attractive to everyone and somehow it seems that every type of writing conveys a specific meaning to the audience, and it was so. Now, with the advancement of technology and the use of mobile and computer sites and software, the issue of font selection is still strong and is considered an important concern in all fields. Now let’s take a look at the importance of font selection as the principle of website design and read a little more about this topic.

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Why is it so important?

The answer is quite simple! User experience. This is not to say that the user pays too much attention to your font when he enters your site. No, when users are looking for a topic and article on the Internet, the speed of finding the article is much more important to them. But when they are busy reading the text, some things make them more interested and not get tired of reading the text, one of the most common and important of which is the font.

We will not go far, you can also guide the user to the content he wants with this font. Suppose the user does not have much time to read your entire article to understand the topic he wants, and if he sees that you have not gone straight to the point, he will look at the headlines to get to his topic. Now imagine that your headlines have the same font size and shape as your paragraphs. Experience has shown that in this case, the user does not want to stay on the page and closes the page. Maybe the difference between headline and paragraph is a simple issue, but this issue can give you a clue about what can’t be done by choosing a font in website design.


How to choose the best fonts for an eCommerce website?

Best fonts pairings for eCommerce


  • Montserrat bold and Roboto Regular
  • Oswald Medium and Roboto Bold
  • Anton and Roboto
  • Six caps and PT serif
  • Overlock and Nunito
  • Merriweather and Oswald
  • Playfair Display and Source sans pro


How to choose the best fonts for an eCommerce website?

Best fonts for eCommerce websites 



Lato offers the customers a heat and alluring vibe with a tinge of seriousness. it’s miles the ideal brand font for a business that desires to be perceived as formidable, trustworthy, and approachable.



Meriweather is pretty popular and one of the widely used logo fonts for websites. particularly for the e-commerce ones. certainly, it’s far nice to look at due to its condensed letterforms.



Montserrat is one of the emblem fonts with an antique touch in its geometric style. it is an incredible fit for all textual content instances, capitals, lowercase, or paragraphs flawlessly.


Neue Helvetica 

Neue Helvetica is a font used by many manufacturers like Facebook, eBay, and Yahoo. The font style is straightforward, and readable, and works nicely inside the header and frame textual content fonts.



The proper alternative for the headlines! Oswald logo fonts understand a way to grasp users’ attention, be it the titles or the paragraphs.


Open sans 

The purpose is that it’s far readable on the display screen, mainly for small display sizes.


Playfair Display

It’s miles superb with identity and quick content however now not beneficial for the prolonged para as it will become less readable.


Important components of the font

The issue is not that fonts are simply divided into different types. The issue here is that these different types can be designed and different creativity can be done with them. What are the components of fonts and how can they be used optimally in website design?

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Font size

If you pay attention, you will notice that our new headline, which is the same “font-size”, is a bit smaller than the previous headlines, but it is still a headline, and its shape and image are different from the text of the paragraph. What happened? Because this headline is under the previous headline, its size is a little smaller to show that we still haven’t skipped that issue. Font sizes can evoke such meanings.

Large fonts are very useful for important things and things that you want the user to pay attention to. Of course, you should note that usually these kinds of words or large sentences are not between paragraphs and are usually placed outside the text because it is not good to leave the sentences out of one hand and the words inside a sentence are small and large.


Font color

If you look carefully at this text, you will find that the upper part of the article, which is considered the introduction of this article, has a different color from the rest of the article. White color on a soft purple background that takes some of the paper out of being dry and too monotonous. Or, if you have noticed, on this site and other sites, the color of the linked texts (in other words, the anchor texts) is either blue or can be changed at will, but they are called another color to attract the user’s eyes and clicks.

The presence of colors always represents beauty and attractiveness and conveys a good feeling to the audience, which has been seen many times and has had a great impact on the return rate of the audience. At the same time, search engines recognize colors well, and if you skillfully use the combination of colors in the font, you have attracted the attention of these search engine crawlers.

The best way to show an important word or topic in the text is to make it bold. Exactly the thing that makes the text not to be uniform, nor that the user misses important information and rejects it while reading a newspaper. By the way, because it creates a separate tag in the text, bolding notices the crawlers of the search engines and makes the crawlers pay attention to the bolded word and understand its relevance and importance in the text.



If you haven’t been interested in the subject of fonts before and you didn’t think it could have such an impact on your site, we will be happy to know that we have had a small impact on changing this approach. In any case, you should always know that choosing a font in website design is a very important issue and you, as a developer, webmaster, or site owner, should not skip it easily.


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