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How to choose the right font size for your keynote presentation?

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One of the most important things to consider when designing your presentation is font size. You want it large enough for people in the back but not so big that you end up with something looking cluttered on screen or overwhelming and difficult-to-read slides! In this blog post, I will discuss tips for choosing a great typeface and proper formatting standards, which can help ensure everyone has an exceptional viewing experience from start until finish.
A key element lacking among many presenters today  is their use (or lack thereof)of fonts, each having its unique personality traits depending.

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How to Choose the Right Font Size for Your Keynote Presentation

Which font size is best for keynote presentations?

The font size you use for your presentation is essential. If the text on each slide takes up more room than what’s available, it might be best to go with a smaller typeface like Impact or P force 9; these fonts look great when printed in larger sizes! On slides where there isn’t enough screen real estate (i present this often), I recommend using either Myriad pro or Proxima Nova—they have beautiful ligatures, which makes them easier on viewers’ eyes without sacrificing any readability in comparison.


How to Choose the Right Font Size for Your Keynote Presentation

How to change the font size on the keynote presentation

When it comes time to give your presentation, you want everyone in the audience – not just those in front and center–to be able to see what’s on screen. So please don’t go with anything too small that will only appear blurry or elongated when seen from different angles; instead, opt for large font sizes so every person can read everything happening during their session!

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How to Choose the Right Font Size for Your Keynote Presentation

Different ways to present your information using different font sizes

There are times when you want your audience to be able to see all of the information on a slide without feeling overwhelmed. In these cases, consider using an easier-to-read font size like 12px or 14 pixels max with 6pt text widths so that everything fits into view clearly and doesn’t get lost among other things happening around them!

You can use a larger font size if you include less information on your slides. This will help to make your presentation more visually appealing and easy to read.


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