How to Combine Motion Paths in Microsoft PowerPoint?

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PowerPoint motion paths provide a visually appealing way to animate your presentations. For instance, you might move an image of one of your company’s new products from one side of the slide to the other for emphasis. With PowerPoint, you can create custom motion paths or combine multiple existing paths, such as Spiral Right and Up, to achieve more elaborate effects. Get creative with your presentation and add animation with PowerPoint’s motion path capabilities!


In the PowerPoint ribbon, select “Animations” by clicking the corresponding button.


Step 2:

To view all motion paths on a slide, users should open the Animation Pane located in the Advanced Animation group, by clicking the “Animation Pane” button.


Step 3:

To activate the desired motion path, select the second option from the available choices. This will cause your slide element to travel through this particular sequence.


Step 4:

For this motion path to begin properly, it is necessary to align the initial marker (green triangle) with the ending marker of the previous motion path (red triangle). To achieve this, adjust the current motion path so that they line up.


Step 5:

To proceed, choose the second motion path in the Animation Pane.


Step 6:

In the Animations ribbon, hover over the Timing group then select the Start text box to open a drop-down menu.


Step 7:

To execute your task in sequence, select the “After Previous” option.


Step 8:

Enter “F5” to view the presentation. Transitions across successive motion paths are performed sequentially.

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