How to Conduct Usability Testing?

How to Conduct Usability Testing?
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User testing takes the guesswork out of designing successful products. It is an essential part of a user-centric design approach, helping designers get valuable feedback from real people who use their designs in everyday scenarios. From this process can come deep understanding and insights into what works best for users—something that simply cannot be replicated without rigorous testing through multiple iterations until all usability issues are ironed out. In short: it’s about more than just making something look good; achieving success comes down to how well your product solves a given problem. For actual people!

Usability testing is the key to unlocking an improved design experience. With it, you can observe users interacting with your app or website while proactively guiding their exploration and gathering valuable feedback. Though not time-consuming nor complicated to implement, surprisingly, many product teams neglect this proven approach – so let’s take a look at its advantages and simple steps for success!

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Why Test?

For two months, I was consumed with creating the perfect web application. The specs were meticulous and exactly to my specifications – but would it work? After persisting in making this design ‘my baby’ as if no one else could understand it, I finally invited users for testing sessions. 

My dreams of perfection came crashing down once participants stumbled on step number 2 – causing me to realize that perhaps I wasn’t quite the designer genius archetype after all! My five user tests proved invaluable, prompting reflectiveness about UX know-how: You are not your own best tester…You Are Not The User.

5 Key Elements of Usability Testing


With an easy-to-use product design, users are more likely to find success even on their first try. How quickly can you enable them to confidently accomplish basic tasks? That’s what learnability is all about!



How quickly can experienced users blaze through tasks? What amazing feats of efficiency are they capable of achieving?



Does your product inspire users to come back again and again? Ensuring memorability means that even after an extended hiatus, people can pick up right where they left off.



What mistakes can throw users off track, and what are the consequences of their errors? Do they have a chance to recover from any missteps, or will one small mistake lead them down an unpredictable path?



How delighted is the user with their experience using the system? Does it bring a smile to their face or leave them feeling unfulfilled? Depending on your goals, what you prioritize when using Adobe’s Photoshop CS6 program will vary. Though the learning curve can be challenging at first, once conquered, it unlocks a world of creative potential and boundless possibilities for achieving whatever project is desired!

Although users may find the product highly satisfactory, it could be a challenging experience to learn. This begs the question: is the design meant for people already familiar with such products or those new to them? Before heading back to square one, we must look into who this product was designed for in order to determine if ease of use should take priority over satisfaction ratings.

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How to Use Your Usability Data To Get Real Results

Usability testing can be an invaluable aid in understanding the effectiveness of your product. It provides a dynamic map to help you determine how users perceive and interact with it, as well as measure variables like learnability and a variety of features that are unique from traditional benchmarks such as quality or pricing. Using this compass will give you valuable insight into where your product stands amongst its peers – so start exploring!

Invite users to illustrate their perceptions of your product before they even start usability testing. Then watch the insights come alive as you compare these anticipated mental maps with final results- and uncover any discrepancies that have emerged along the way!

To ensure every target customer is satisfied with their product, Adobe recognized the need to create a tailored solution. Rather than simplifying Photoshop and potentially sacrificing its powerful controls, they developed Photoshop Elements as an easier alternative designed for those who don’t require all of the complexity that comes with full-fledged software. Before making changes in response to usability tests or feature requests, it’s important to consider how these alterations will impact your entire product – rather than simply addressing each complaint separately!


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Next steps

Investing the same amount of effort in analyzing collected usability testing data as was put into collecting it will provide rich rewards. Reap surprising insights and take your project to another level with a thorough analysis that lasts beyond the initial test phase.


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