How to Convert PowerPoint to PDF: The Ultimate Guide

How to Convert PowerPoint to PDF
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Conversion is a breeze with PowerPoint to PDF Wizard. You can easily convert your presentations from this program and save them as files that you’ll be able view on any device! Let’s take it for granted, shall we?
It’s time now; let us begin by opening up Microsoft Office programs- specifically Excel or Word – then returning back over here once everything has loaded properly (you may need click ok). Next thing happening should involve clicking “Output” under Add New Item at bottom right corner of screen if not already done so…

1.The Portable Document Format is a way to present documents that can be viewed on anything from mobile phones and computers without the need for any special software. This means you don’t have clutter in your device’s storage space, or extra apps taking up valuable resources like memory & battery life!

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They are also great because they retain their formatting no matter where they’re opened. This makes PDFs perfect for distributing presentations or other documents electronically.

Whether you need to convert a PowerPoint presentation into PDF format or not, there are two methods that will help. In this guide we’ll show both of them using Acrobat and Word respectively!


Method One: Converting with Adobe Acrobat

Method One: Converting with Adobe Acrobat (the PDF software)

With the recent changes in PowerPoint 2016, you can now create a PDF from within Microsoft’s productivity software without having any external plugins. This is perfect for those who want their presentations saved as files that are easy to transport and share with others!


To save your PDF as an Adobe Acrobat file, follow these steps: Open the document in question and select “Export to File” from within Acrobat Reader’s menu bar at top left corner. Choose where you want it saved on computer with appropriate name for easy identification later- usually something like c:\temp\ filename .pdf.*
That should do it!


Method Two: Converting with Microsoft Word

Method Two: Converting with Microsoft Word

You can’t be an entrepreneur without having your own business and Microsoft Word is a necessary tool for any would-be entrepreneur. On top of that, you need at least 2007 version installed on the computer where it’ll do all kinds tasks from creating documents to editing them with ease!

Convert your favorite PDF into a PowerPoint file with these simple steps! First, open up the document you want to convert by clicking ” File” in menu bar and selecting Open. Click on any spot within its content area so we can put our cursor there (this will ensure all subsequent text is formatted correctly). Now go back out of that same window just one step further until reaching Save As– choose ‘Save As’ from dropdown box at bottom left corner then give it whatever name(s) seems best for what type/purpose etc.. All done.

Select whether you want the PDF to open in a new window or tab after it’s been created.

converting PowerPoint presentations into PDF files can be tricky, but luckily we’ve got two great methods that will help you get started. Give whichever one sounds most promising for your needs a try and see what happens!


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