How to convert prezi to powerpoint – A comprehensive guide

convert prezi to powerpoint
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You have a Prezi presentation, but you must open it in PowerPoint. Prezi is not accepted in your school, company, or organization. No matter the reason, it is challenging to get Prezi into PowerPoint. In this article, you will learn how to convert Prezi to PowerPoint and use all the benefits of PowerPoint presentation design services!

prezi to powerpoint

PowerPoint vs Prezi

PowerPoint has been the most widely used software for creating presentations for many years. Even though there are many other presentation-making tools available, Microsoft Office is still the best. It’s a great reason, PowerPoint has many options for creating presentations. PowerPoint is intuitive and simple, even for those familiar with Microsoft Office.

Prezi was created in 2009 as a new way to present information. Prezi is a different way to present than PowerPoint’s linear, rigid structure. Prezi presentations focus on storytelling. Prezi presentations are “mind maps,” which allow you to navigate freely and zoom in on different topics. Prezi presentations are unique because they have a “flow” different from PowerPoint slides.

Each presentation tool has its pros and cons. Both are great audiovisual complements to any presentation. Prezi presentations are easier to understand because we are more familiar with PowerPoint. Prezi is a learning tool that requires patience. Prezi has been criticized for being difficult to use, so many people abandoned it in favor of classic PowerPoint.

Converting your Prezi into PPT

Prezi does not allow you to convert PowerPoint presentations (PPT), but there is a handy process that will make your persuasive presentation look great in no time.

1. Create your Prezi

Register a free Prezi account at to get started creating your Prezi. Premium accounts are available for those who have a limited budget.

2. Save your Prezi as PDF

Prezi offers several exporting options, including Download As PDF. Click on Share > Download as PDF to convert your presentation into a PDF.

3. Convert PDFs to JPGs

You have many options to convert PDFs into image formats, but there is a handy tool called Any Free PDF To JPG Converter. Alternatively, you can use Adobe Reader and Mac bundled software preview.

4. Make a presentation using JPGs

You can create a presentation using your favorite presentation software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, PowerPoint for Mac, or Apple’s Keynote. You can create a new presentation template and insert your shiny new JPGs.

5. Slideshare your PowerPoint to Slideshare

Once you’ve created a new presentation, you can save it and upload it to Slideshare. Slideshare will make your work more searchable by adding links or notes.

That’s it! If you aren’t convinced, you can check out the original Prezi presentation and the Post-Conversion PPT presentation on Slideshare.

prezi to ppt

It is impossible to convert a Prezi into PowerPoint by hand

The PDF file format attempts to preserve the original appearance of the file. All text and images are typically outlined in vector format. Prezi presentations exported to PDF will only contain slides in non-editable PDF format.

Normally, you can edit PDF files or the text within them. However, a Prezi PDF won’t allow you to edit any text.

Adobe offers a paid solution for converting PDFs to PowerPoint. However, you will need to sign up for a monthly subscription. The result will be the same as the one described below.

Prezi is still available as a PowerPoint PowerPoint file

It is possible to insert Prezis into PowerPoint for free if you are desperate. However, it won’t work completely automatically. Each slide will have images of your Prezi. There will be no editable text.

This will result in JPG images in PPT format. If you do need it, this is how to get it.

First: Export Prezi to PDF

First, go to the Editing mode in Prezi and click on the Share button. It is located at the top right corner. Click Download as.

Second: Copy each Slide to PowerPoint.

You will need to copy every slide from Prezi into PowerPoint. Open the PDF you have just created, and choose the slide you want to export to Prezi. Click on a slide to highlight it, and then press CTRL +C to copy it.

Open PowerPoint, then copy the code to the slide. Prezi supports both 16:9 and 4:3 slides and allows you to resize your image easily. PowerPoint’s snap feature allows you to easily adjust the image from only two corners.

This will be repeated for each slide. If you have many slides, it can be tedious. This is the best option if you have to present PowerPoint PPT files.


What is the difference between PowerPoint and Prezi?

Prezi is a cloud-based tool for creating non-linear presentations while PowerPoint is an offline tool for creating standard presentations

How to convert Prezi to PPT?

  1. Create your Prezi
  2. Save your Prezi as PDF
  3. Convert PDFs to JPGs
  4. Make a presentation using JPGs
  5. Slideshare your PowerPoint to Slideshare
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