How to copy a powerpoint presentation – Best tips and tricks

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How to copy a PowerPoint presentation?

Garr Reynolds, a presentation expert, says great presentations have a consistent visual theme throughout. However, he warns against using PowerPoint templates and stock themes because people will be familiar with them. However, you can reuse PowerPoint themes. To copy an old slideshow to a new one, select the slides and press “Ctrl+C” to copy. Next, open a PowerPoint file and then press “Ctrl+V” to paste them in. You can also adjust how PowerPoint slide’s are pasted.



Step 1

Start the PowerPoint presentation. Click on the “View” tab, and select “Slide Sorter.”

Step 2

Click on the slide you wish to copy and press Shift. Next, click on the slide that you want to save. All slides between them will be selected. To copy slides, press “Ctrl+C.”

Step 3

Click “File” to choose “New.” Double-click “Blank Presentation.”

Step 4

Switch to Slide Sorter and click “Ctrl+V” to copy the slides. The Paste Options button will be located at the bottom right-hand corner of the slide you have just pasted. To see all options, click on the button or tap the “Ctrl” keypad.

Step 5

If you wish to merge old PowerPoint slides into the new theme, select “Use Destination Theme.” If you wish to have the original PowerPoint theme included in the new presentation, “CtrlH” on the keyboard.


Copy a slide from the PowerPoint desktop app

  1. Open PowerPoint on your Mac or Windows.


  1. To copy a slide from the left sidebar, right-click it, Or you can press Command + C/Ctrl + C from your keyboard. You can click multiple slides by holding down Ctrl or Command. The steps for the PowerPoint desktop app look almost identical.


  1. To paste, right-click in the area between slides or the space at the end to copy. You can also use Command+V or Ctrl+V to paste between slides and after them.


  1. Right-click the slide you wish to copy and choose “Duplicate Slide.” This keyboard shortcut is Shift+ Command + D or Shift+ Ctrl +D. Also, this creates a duplicate of the slide directly behind it. The duplicate slide will be displayed behind the original.


  1. These options are also available on the far left of the “Home” tab. To copy the slide selected, click on the page icon. Or click the small arrow to the right to choose between “Copy” or “Duplicate.” The “Paste” icon accompanies these options.


PowerPoint for web

In PowerPoint for the web, you can only insert one slide from another presentation.

  1. Log in to your Office365 account by opening it from any web browser.
  2. Select a PowerPoint presentation from the “Recent List” or select one from other tabs to open it. Click “Start new” under the plus sign icon and then “Presentation.” You can also click “PowerPoint” from the options at the top.
  3. After opening your presentation, right-click any slide in the left bar and select “Copy.” You can select multiple slides simultaneously by holding Command or Copy on your keyboard. To copy a slide, right-click. Marissa Perino/Business Insider
  4. To paste the slide that you have copied, right-click in another spot on the sidebar. Copy the slide by copying it to the slideshow’s end by pasting it in the gray area at the bottom. You can also insert the copied slide by right-clicking and clicking “Paste” in that space between the slides.
  5. You can also choose “Duplicate Slide” over “Copy.” You don’t have to right-click to copy the slides. It automatically creates a duplicate of the selected slide. The slides will appear immediately in the order they were created, right behind their originals.

One or more slides can be duplicated at once. Insider Select slides can be copied and pasted by clicking on the clipboard icon. If you don’t see it, ensure you’re on the “Home” tab.

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