How to copy social media design into insta story design canva?

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Gaining the attention of your followers on social media is essential. First impressions are vital, which is why crafting a visually stunning Instagram Story should be a main priority. Fortunately, you can easily design an Instagram story right in Canva and then post it with their mobile app!


Canva’s popularity continues to grow as an invaluable tool for graphic design. Its capabilities, particularly with regard to Instagram Stories, make it an exceptional platform increasingly used by individuals and professionals alike. To stay ahead of the competition, you’ll need to hone your skills with Canva.

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of transforming basic Instagram story templates into designs that are sure to draw attention and generate engagement. Learn how to utilize simple design elements and apply them to create a standout story template.311-1.png

Step 1: create a new Instagram story

For those creating Instagram Stories with Canva Mobile, there’s no need to worry about getting the design size just right. Simply press the Plus button on the main screen and choose the Instagram Story option for an easy way to get a perfect-sized template. When it opens up, you’ll have an empty canvas ready to fill out with your creativity!311-2.png

Step 2: Choose a template

You can add Instagram story templates so that you don’t have to create them from scratch. 

Instagram Templates can be easily accessed from the Main Panel. To make use of this convenient feature, simply click on the Plus button, then select the Templates tab. Here you can pick out a template that fits your needs, or if you want to narrow it down even further, type in the theme of your project into the search bar and find a template more specific to your requirements.311-3.png

Step 3: Change The Background

Canva provides a variety of template backgrounds that can be quickly accessed. Knowing where to find them is an important step when customizing templates. Once located, these backgrounds can easily be changed for the desired effect.

The Element Tab in the Main Panel makes it simple to find the images you need for your Instagram story. Just type a keyword related to your project into the search bar and browse through thousands of graphics and photos. You can also upload your own images if desired.

Using Vertical mode when posting to Instagram stories provides an expanded range of story themes. This is optional, but by enabling vertical or horizontal images as a background, you can maximize the aesthetic value of your post.

When adding images to your canvas, make sure you first select the image and then resize it to fit the space. You can do this by dragging the opposite corner handle until the image covers the whole canvas. Be careful when moving images around – if you accidentally replace an existing photo, just tap ‘Undo’ at the top of your screen and try again.

In order for your image to take up the entire canvas, use the top or bottom handle and resize it until it fits correctly. Once this is accomplished, send your image backward in the layer order so that it functions as a background.

If you’re looking to place an image behind all your other design elements, simply tap on it to open the Mini Options Bar. From there, select the Three Dots in the Bottom Menu and then choose Send Backward until the image is placed behind everything else. Keep in mind that this technique will alter the edges of your background image.311-4.png

Step 4: Replace Foreground Elements 

When creating an Instagram story, the foreground elements can be text, graphics, charts, photos, or any other element that’s in line with the story theme. Photos are a popular choice to use as the foreground element. Canva makes photo replacement easy; simply drag your new photo on top of the old one and it will automatically replace it.

This technique works with the majority of templates on Canva; rare instances may require manual photo replacement. To execute this, align one corner of your new image to the corner of the older photo. Additionally, stretch it across the old image by adjusting the handle to fit its opposite corner.311-5.png

Step 5: Adjust The Look Of Your Background Image 

The background image is a key element of your canvas that followers will notice first. We recommend clicking the Adjust button to take advantage of the available options, ensuring it looks polished and professional. The Blur slider can be particularly useful; adding some subtle blur to the background can help make foreground elements stand out.

The Filter button can be tapped to display a range of filters for the image, providing an additional effect to the background.311-6.png

Step 6: Add An Animation 

To add a bit of animation to your design, click the Plus button and type in your desired theme. Use the Options button to their right in the search bar to filter out elements with animations. With this feature, you can limit results only to those that are free (if you’re not a Canva Pro user) or come with animation already included. Click on Apply Filters when you’re done.311-7.png

Step 7: Edit The Text 

Adding impactful text to your Instagram Stories is easy! Start by double-tapping the pre-included text, which will allow you to edit your captions. If you want to make the text more prominent against a newly added background, simply select your desired text and tap on Effects. From here, choose Style and pick out an effect that would better suit your post. Once chosen, feel free to adjust the settings of the effect as needed.


Step 8: Share Your Design To Your Instagram Account 

When you’ve finalized the design for your Instagram story, it’s time to post it. Canva makes this process easy and straightforward. Simply select your page, make sure everything looks alright, and then click the “Share” button. You’re ready to share your amazing creation with the world!

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