How To Create 3D Logo Animation

How To Create 3D Logo Animation
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Logo animations are a great way to grab attention and make your company’s intro stand out. There can be many different types, from the most complicated one involving multiple steps in After Effects or Cinema 4D all the way down to something as simple yet powerful enough for beginners with just some Premake characters on a tracker layer!


What is 3D logo animation?

The process of creating a three-dimensional animation for your company logo can be very engaging and attention-grabbing. This type of video is a great way to introduce people not only to who you work with but also to what products or services they offer as well! There are several ways that this kind of artwork could come out; from more complicated ones where multiple steps need servicing before completion all the way down to simple After Effects projects requiring little time commitment at hand – let’s take look, shall we?


What you need to consider while creating a 3D logo animation

Before you start the creation process, the first things that you have to do are:

  • Pick a 3D software that you are most comfortable with. Once this step has been taken care of, it’s time to create your logo or even scan it so that the vector objects can be used in the animation. The next step is also important because you need to make sure that your logo animates smoothly and quickly enough for the viewer not to be able to notice the difference between every single frame.


  • It should be clear that different 3D logos come with different requirements and attributes – think of the number of polygons required, where they will move, and how fast as well as other factors such as reflective surfaces. If you are looking for something basic and need it within a short period of time, Cinema 4D would be the best choice. For more advanced projects, 3ds Max is another option to consider.


  • The next task is to make sure that your chosen logo animation suits the entire concept behind your intro. A good idea would be to try out different types of logos to make up your mind about which one can be created with the help of 3D animation.
  • The final step is to find a suitable background that goes well with your logo, complete the intro and you are ready to go!


How to create 3D logo animation?

In this article, we will show you two methods of creating 3D animated logos in After Effects. The first one is more time-consuming but produces better results while the second method can be done quickly and yields an animation without as much detail or subtlety which might work for some simplifying purposes on their own terms – however, if that’s not what someone wants then they’ll need another plugin!

Use Element 3D

First Method: Use Element 3D

3D logos are really in trend right now and can provide your business with a modern, cutting-edge look. They’re also great for showcasing what you have to offer because they give off that attention-grabbing vibe that makes people want more! To create one all we need is After Effects (of course), an image or video of our choosing, some patience & creativity – but most importantly: killer branding skills!! Here’s how to do it:


  • Create a 3D text and import your logo as the texture
  • Animate the logo in 3D space
  • Add camera movements and adjust the lighting to complete the effect


The most time-consuming method of creating a 3D logo animation is Element3d. This software allows for the creation and customization, which will make your company’s logos stand out from other companies in this industry niche by giving them an edge over competitors through customer satisfaction because they can be better-recognized thanks to how customizable everything about it was made within certain parameters set before beginning production (time frame).


Second Method: Use pre-rendered PNG files

The best way to create a 3D logo animation is by using pre-rendered PNG images. Pre- renderings are flat 2d illustrations of your business from different angles that have been compiled into one image and they’re much easier than Element3because it doesn’t require any sort of advanced knowledge or skills with After Effects!


  • Combine 2-3 pre-rendered PNG images into one Illustrator file that can be imported into After Effects
  • Animate the PNGs in 3D space
  • Make sure that your logo is always facing the camera when it moves in 3D space. You can do this by rotating the logo around its own axis or choosing a preset position in Element 3D
  • Add light and shadows to enhance the effect


The main disadvantage of this method is its simplicity. Although it may take less time than using the first method, the resulting 3D logo animations are not as sophisticated and elegant.

If you want to create an eye-catching logo but don’t have any 3D rendering skills or know-how, we suggest using our second method which is a lot easier and can be done in Element3 D. If however, that’s not what interests you then keep reading as this article will teach about the first option where complicated animations are possible with just one tool: After Effects!


What software to use to create 3d logo animation?

There are a few software programs that can be used to create 3D logo animations. 3ds Max is a professional 3D animation software that can be used for more complex projects, while After Effects can be used to create simple animations. If you’re looking for something basic and don’t have any 3D rendering skills, Cinema 4D would be the best choice.

3D logo animation

Why do you need 3D logo animation?

There are several reasons why you may want to create a 3D logo animation. Some of the most common reasons include:


  • To engage and capture the attention of viewers
  • To introduce your company or product
  • To promote a service or product
  • To create a memorable intro for your company
  • To use as a website intro
  • To use as a company logo or avatar on social media sites

How much does creating a 3D logo animation cost?

How much does creating a 3D logo animation cost?

Two main factors affect how much it will cost you to produce a 3D logo animation. The first is whether you use the first or second method, while the second is how complex your animation is. As you may have noted from the instructions above, the second method only requires flat pre-rendered images whereas the first method involves 3D rendering. If you’re simply looking for a logo animation, we recommend that you use the second method because it is much cheaper and faster than using Element 3D.

Also, the more sophisticated your animation is, the more expensive it will be. Simple effects such as a rotating 3D logo or moving it across the screen can be achieved within an hour, but if you require more complex animations such as flying logos and background videos, this effect may take several days to complete.



The 3D logo was a great investment for many companies because it improved customer experience, gained them more attention and standing out from the crowd as well increased brand recognition. The only downside to this? It’s a hard to break through with traditional marketing tactics when your product or service doesn’t even exist yet!

With 3D logo animation, you can show your company’s products in a whole new way. This type of marketing is perfect for starting conversations with potential customers and getting them excited about what your company offers.


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