How to create a multilevel list in powerpoint?

How to create a multilevel list in powerpoint
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If you’re looking for a way to add visual interest and structure to your PowerPoint Presentation, consider creating a multi-level list! By organizing related data in this distinct format, it’s easy to showcase the most important information. Get started with these simple steps – we’ll show you how quick and straightforward making an effective multilevel list can be.

Knowing the different effects and features of a software or tool that you use will help you a lot so that whenever you need help or when you need a quick and urgent trick, you can quickly use it and make your cartoon Go much faster.

How to create a multilevel list in powerpoint
Step 1: Select The Slide

Step 1: Select The Slide

Unleash the power of PowerPoint and take your slides to another level with a multi-level list that will add clarity and structure.

How to create a multilevel list in powerpoint

Step 1: Select The Slide

Step 2: Add/Select The List

Easily format any number of items in a multilevel style with just one simple drag and select!

Step 2: Add/Select The List

How to create a multilevel list in powerpoint

Step 3: Choose Between a Bullet Or a Number

Embrace your inner listmaker and start organizing! With the click of a button, you can let your creativity run wild by creating an itemized checklist tailored to fit any project. Get creative and get organized – it’s easy with Paragraph’s helpful perspective button.

Step 3: Choose Between a Bullet Or a Number
How to create a multilevel list in powerpoint

Step 4: Select The Items For The Sub-list Then Press Tab

Make lists easily with the simple tap of a button! Select items to put in your list, then tab for another level. It’s that easy – no more complicated formatting or extra time wasted.

With MS PowerPoint, it’s a breeze to craft multi-layered lists in just minutes with a few clicks. We hope you found this article helpful and appreciate your time spent reading it!


PowerPoint tips:


  • Don’t let PowerPoint decide how you use PowerPoint.

Microsoft’s PowerPoint has endless possibilities, but it is important to remember that less can be more. To ensure a successful presentation every time, consider avoiding the default themes and fonts – Calibri and Cambria – as these tend to be underwhelming. Moreover, professionals should stay away from including action sounds for their audience’s comfort above all else; bullets are also not always necessary either if they do not fit into your overall narrative. Lastly when using shapes in PPT presentations try limiting shadows since they may often distract rather than add value.


  • Create custom slide sizes.

This could not help you all the time but you may need it sometimes and that’s having a custom slide size for doing it you can:

In the top-left corner, choose File.

  • Select Page Setup.
  • Type the height and width of the background you’d like, and click OK.
  • A dialogue box will appear. Click Scale if you want to also resize your content, or Don’t Scale if you don’t. We recommend clicking Don’t Scale, then manually adjusting minor layout issues.


  • Edit your slide template design.

There are times that better for you to design your PowerPoint template befor you start so you can do this:

Select View in the pinnacle navigation.

  • Click grasp.
  • Inside the drop-down, click Slide grasp.
  • Make any modifications you want, then click close master in the top ribbon. All cutting-edge and destiny slides in that presentation will use that template.


  • Write text with your audience in mind.

Have you ever thought about the times that we think someone is saying something to us but what he means was different? These thinks happened in our daily life but we should do something cause we don’t need them to happen in our presentation so just imagine yourself as a listener and think about what they think.



Having different lists can help us a lot and help us in many places, which of course depends on the subject of our presentation and the work we want to do with it.

Sometimes we need to have different lists that give us good statistics and intend to express those statistics in our opinions. In general, if your presentation is important to you, you should know that having a good PowerPoint brings you much closer to success and gives you good actions, so it is much better if you work with a professional team to create your presentation.

In the end, if you need the help of a professional team that will help you in making and presenting your PowerPoint better and you can fully trust someone who has enough experience in this field, you can trust us, my colleagues at Temis Marketing. Everyone will do their best to help you.


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