How to Create a Quiz Right in PowerPoint?

How to Create a Quiz Right in PowerPoint?
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With ClassPoint, teachers no longer have to leave the world of PowerPoint behind when looking for ways to engage their students. This application makes creating and running interactive quizzes within PowerPoint a breeze! This means more meaningful interaction between the presenter and the audience – allowing them to fully absorb the material entertainingly.

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How to Create a Quiz Right in PowerPoint

Do you need help making a multiple-choice quiz? Fear not! With PowerPoint 2016 installed on your computer, you can easily create one. Need the program for Mac? No problem – learn how to install Windows and take advantage of all its features.


Create the front page of the quiz

Step 1: Create the front page of the quiz

Test your knowledge of Mt. Everest with this engaging quiz! Our “Mt. Everest Quiz” promises to take you on an educational journey as it reveals facts about the world’s highest peak – from its history and geography to incredible tales of daring exploration!

Add a visually captivating image to your topic! With the click of a button, you can easily insert an eye-catching picture right into your slide by selecting the Insert tab and choosing Pictures or clicking on the convenient Picture icon.


 Create the question and the answer slide

Step 2. Create the question and the answer slide

Take your ideas to the next level by crafting an engaging question, incomplete sentence, phrase, or equation. Create a beautiful visual accompaniment with a picture to help communicate your thoughts.

Expand your questions and make them genuinely engaging by giving participants multiple-choice options. Just go to the Insert tab, click the Text Box button and type in each option that you would like added – it’s as easy as A, B, or C!


Create the correct answer slide

Step 3: Create the correct answer slide

Congratulate your learner on a job well done by adding a slide after the first question with an inspiring message! For example, “Great work – you nailed it!” in the title box and something like “All right then, let’s keep going!” or “Ready for more? Onward to the next challenge!” in the content box.


Create the wrong answer slide

Step 4: Create the wrong answer slide

When test takers make a mistake, allow them to learn from it with our customized wrong answer slide. This particular page will display the message “Oops, that’s wrong…” coupled with a chance to get back on track and try again. Let’s empower learners by giving them this second chance!

Assess your learners’ understanding with knowledge checks, and provide invaluable insight by giving feedback on incorrect choices. Ensure to include helpful educational resources in the slide notes accompanying each question – this can enrich their learning experience and build a deeper understanding of concepts!

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Step 5: Add navigation to your quiz

It’s time to make the connections! To link your answers to relevant feedback slides, click on the answer text box and navigate to Insert. From there, you can create a hyperlink that will take students directly from their correct or incorrect responses right where they need it – whether that be “That’s Right” or “That’s Wrong.”

To keep the navigation flowing from one slide to another, add a hyperlink under “Continue quiz” on each feedback page. This ensures that participants are seamlessly guided through the entire quiz!

Let your learners retake incorrect questions with ease! Just open the slide for wrong answers and click “Try again,” – adding a hyperlink to where they slipped up. Then, go to the Insert tab and select Actions. Choose Hyperlink Last Slide Viewed from the menu – it’s that simple!


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