How to Create a Strong Instagram Aesthetic?

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Gone are the days when networking events meant solely trading business cards. In 2021, Instagram – often referred to as “Insta” by millennials – is now seen as an essential online social media tool for many different types of users. From artists and influencers to travellers, bloggers, dog lovers, creators and business owners, this photo-sharing app has become a powerful resource for marketing oneself and their services.


Why Instagram Aesthetic?

Creating an attractive, cohesive Instagram aesthetic is essential for modern brands. Your followers will form quick first impressions about your brand based on it: If you have a visually pleasing and stylized look, you’re more likely to gain new followers. A choppy or unfocused aesthetic could have the opposite effect and chase away potential customers.

Having a consistent aesthetic on your Instagram can make it easy for potential customers to identify and recognize your brand. It also helps guide your content creation efforts since you have a specific theme that you need to follow. This strong visual identity could make an impactful impression on the viewers and encourage them to get to know more about your brand.


What colors?

Choosing the right color combination for your brand’s Instagram aesthetic is essential for accurately representing your brand’s visual identity. Utilizing the colors of a brand logo is one way to obtain this effect, as these colors are usually representative of that company’s personality. This can be observed on Whataburger’s Instagram page, which prominently uses its signature orange and white. As those two particular shades create an energetic yet lighthearted feel, they perfectly capture the overall energy of the company and its products.


It is essential for brands to select colors that will accurately represent their brand personality – especially those whose logos do not reflect this. As an example, Drunk Elephant has a vibrant, exuberant personality but employs minimal lines in black and white in its logo. Thus, they use bright neon colors that are featured in their product packaging as well as their Instagram backgrounds and other visual elements to portray their brand essence.


1. Develop your style

Once you have your visual identity defined, it’s time to create a style guide. Developing and adhering to a style guide is essential for consistent visual branding, both on and off Instagram. Your brand style guide should cover the following elements:


  • Color

To ensure your Instagram aesthetic has a consistent visual look, your content should adhere to a specific color palette. Choose no more than six colors that can be used across all content formats–from stories, images and videos to text posts. It’s important that at least one of the primary brand colors is included in each post. Utilize Canva’s Brand Kit when creating a visually consistent color palette for use with Instagram content.


  • Typography

It’s important to consider the font you’ll use for your Instagram content. Just like color, typography should match your brand’s personality. To ensure consistency across all posts and Stories, predefine exactly which fonts should be used for each type of content – from text posts to text overlays and Stories. That way, creating visual content that reflects your aesthetic will be easier for your team and you’ll maintain a consistent look throughout Instagram. See how Grove Collaborative does this with their account.


  • layout

Creating your Instagram grid is essential to creating an aesthetically pleasing page that showcases your brand identity. There are many methods you can use when planning how to arrange your posts on the grid, such as a checkerboard or puzzle layout. When selecting a style, make sure it complements your brand and include this in your style guide for consistency.  Selecting a layout can help keep visual elements organized and coherent.


2. Choose good Templates

Having a style guide is an important part of any successful Instagram brand. Still, following it perfectly each and every time may prove difficult. Poor adherence to the style guide can lead to inconsistency in your Instagram aesthetics; that’s why having templates comes in handy. For better design consistency, you should create and maintain templates for both posts with visuals as well as text-based posts to ensure a consistent look and feel throughout your Stories and feed.


3. Define Your Brand

In order for your Instagram page to leave a lasting impression, it should be able to give viewers an immediate understanding of your brand’s identity. This is why it’s important to carefully determine and define the personality of your brand or content. Ask yourself questions such as: who am I as a brand? What makes me unique from my competitors? Answering these questions will help you decide how you want to visually present yourself via your Instagram page.

Identifying and defining a personality for your brand is an important process that involves connecting with your target audience and maintaining core values. To get started, take a step back and really consider who you are as a brand. What kind of adjectives embody the spirit of your purpose? Once you’re able to hone in on this, it’ll be much easier to narrow down the type of people you want to reach, no matter if that’s a diverse group of women or individuals focused on sustainability or both!



Creating the perfect look and feel for your Instagram page requires careful consideration. At this stage, you’ll need to think strategically about which posts will look best when placed together, as well as what colors, hues and themes are most likely to appeal to your audience. Planning out your feed in advance could save you time and effort down the line. With thoughtful planning, you can ensure that every post on your page looks professional, purposeful and polished—enhancing the overall aesthetic of your Instagram presence.

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