How to Create Action Buttons in Microsoft PowerPoint?

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PowerPoint offers the ability to add action buttons to slides. These actions enable users to perform tasks associated with the objects on a slide by hovering their mouse over them or clicking them. This can include displaying webpages, linking to emails and slides, and even running certain programs. As part of its action button design, PowerPoint includes an “Action Buttons” shape category that allows for simple transitioning between slide pages and easy navigation.

The action buttons in PowerPoint are easily added. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse: first, click the “Insert” tab and then look for “Shapes” within the “Illustrations” button group. Select an option from the “Action Buttons” category by clicking on it and dragging it to the desired area of your slide. When you release your mouse, the button appears in that spot. 

You can then customize what will happen when users interact with this button – just visit the “Action Settings” dialog box to set up which kind of action should occur when users click or hover over this element. Generally speaking, most action buttons have already been programmed in advance so all that remains is for you to configure those two events (“Mouse Click” & “Mouse Over”).


Insert an action button on one slide:


Step 1:

Click the Insert tab.


Step 2:

To access the Shapes menu, select the Illustrations group and then select Shapes. An action menu will appear with four buttons located at the bottom.


Step 3:

Select the desired action button.


Step 4:

To include the button onto the slide, select your desired location and click. This will open up the Action Settings dialog box.


Step 5:

The Mouse Click and Mouse Over tabs can be chosen accordingly to determine the way action buttons will react. If Mouse Click is selected, the button’s task will be triggered when clicked. Alternatively, if the Mouse Over tab is selected, moving the mouse over it will cause the button’s action to initiate.


Step 6:

For the Action on click section, you’ll want to select Hyperlink to:, and then use the drop-down arrow to choose an option from the menu.


Step 7:

If a sound should play when the action button is clicked, make sure the Play Sound box is checked. You can select a sound from the drop-down list or choose Other sound to pick one of your own files. Don’t forget to click OK when you’re ready!


Insert an action button on all slides:

Master View is a great way to add an action button to all of your slides. However, if you’re new to Master View and editing your slides, it’s important that you review our tutorial on the topic before proceeding. With the right approach, Master View is easy to use and can save you time in the long run.


Step 1:

Click the View tab.


Step 2:

In the Master Views group, click the Slide Master command. In the left navigation pane, scroll up and select the first slide.


Step 3:

To add an action button to a slide, go to the Insert tab and select one from the Shapes menu at the bottom. After clicking on the slide, you’ll be presented with a dialog box containing options for customizing your action button.


Step 4:

Return to the Slide Master tab. Once there, click Close Master View to add the action button to all slides. To make any edits, move, or delete an existing action button, click View then Slide Master and select Close Master View once again. If you don’t see some buttons on certain slides, uncheck the Hide Background Graphics box.

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