How to Create Animated Instagram Stories?

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Animated Instagram Stories are becoming increasingly popular in order to engage readers and increase visibility on social media. While expensive cameras, software and design teams may have been the traditional approach, it’s now possible to create engaging stories with minimal investment or specialized resources.


  •  Utilize Instagram’s pre-loaded animation tools: 

The platform features a wealth of animation capabilities to facilitate eye-catching stories. Boomerang allows users to make endless looping videos, Superzoom zooms in the focus point with background music, and Rewind plays the video backward. Get creative with these features to make your content stand out!


  • Third-Party Applications: 

Developing animated stories for Instagram requires special tools, and thankfully there are many excellent third-party applications that can help. Some of the most popular options are Canva, Adobe Spark Post, and Unfold – each of which bring an array of features to the table that make it simple to craft professional-looking animations.


  • Add GIFs and stickers:

Include GIFs and stickers in your Instagram stories for a unique animation effect. These elements can be found within the app itself or accessed through third-party apps like Giphy and Tenor for even more variety. The possibilities are endless!


  • Create stop-motion animations:

Craft memorable and creative animations with stop-motion animation. Capture photos in sequence and combine them into an engaging video to share on Instagram. Consider utilizing the camera native on devices or apps such as Stop Motion Studio for this technique. Bring stories to life through this fun and effective medium!


  • Use text animations:

Adding animated text to Instagram stories is an effective way to add movement and increase engagement. You can use the built-in text tools in the app or try third-party applications such as Hype Type or Typorama for custom text animations. Utilize text animations to make your stories stand out and engage with audiences.

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