How to create best UX Design for your MVP startup?

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It should not result in gaps in the user experience. This should be about putting your best foot forward and a vision of adding basic features that will live up to the standard of execution on user experience. This article will discuss MVP and how to create UX Design in your MVP Startup.

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What is an MVP?

A minimum viable product (or MVP) is a product with a few features that can be used to make it work. To put it another way, an MVP is a product that can be produced. It’s a product developed in collaboration with users and target audiences. It is gradually improved and modified until it becomes a finished product. MVP product design interactions are often based on customer feedback or statistical data. MVP development and design help startup and product owners save money and get their ideas to their target audience as quickly as possible.


Why is it essential to create an MVP?

Because MVP is different for each type of user or business, it depends on who you are.


Role of MVP in businesses

Businesses use MVPs to fill a need and provide users with a product that meets their needs. MVPs are used to verify that the product is viable and in demand before investing their time and money into it.


Role as MVP for the design team

The design team’s role is to provide a product that can be tested with minimal functionality while meeting users’ requirements. The design team’s goal in creating an MVP is to find the features that reduce friction and build a product around them.


Role of MVP for the user

MVP’s role is to provide seamless user experiences. Too many features can lead to analysis paralysis and overwhelm users. An MVP will help you determine how many features your product should have to make it easy for users to use.


UX design tips for better MVPs

The User’s Needs

Designers often assume they know the problem when they approach it. If the goal is to create an app that allows users to add tasks to a list, the designer might assume that they understand the problem well. The initial Lean UX MVP would be focused on developing an app that offers this functionality.


Take into account both your findings and the needs of users

Most designers begin with a list listing a product’s features to create an MVP. It’s a good place to start. However, there are better places to be.

It is easy to understand what customers want. Interviews, surveys, and brainstorming sessions are all possible. You can also start discussions on platforms such as Reddit and Quora. Once you have enough ideas, list them and narrow down the technically feasible ones. You can then start to build your MVP based on these data.


Consider Necessary Features

Designers often begin a project with a list. It’s a good place to start. It should not be used to compare what customers want. However, most people won’t be able to identify the features they desire. Instead, they will focus on the benefits.

A valuable part of the design process is to create a list of possible features that provide the benefits people want. However, the list should not only include “good” ideas. Bad ideas can serve an important purpose and can be a catalyst for good ideas.

When brainstorming with others, it is especially useful to write down all ideas. A bad idea can spark a new idea. Even when brainstorming alone, even the “bad” ideas can inspire designers to explore different avenues and find innovative solutions.

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Don’t Think About the Final Product

It can be tempting for a UX designer to look at a problem rather than think about the solution. The goal is usually to get to the final product. So why not start there?

It is challenging to innovate and create new products when you start with the product. A user might have a dozen possible solutions. Designers who begin by thinking about the result may miss many of these solutions and come up short.


Keep things simple

A minimum viable product is a waste-reduction tool. However, many businesses misuse this term to divert their attention from the ‘user-centric’ approach to development. Visual Design is one of the most important factors lost in this approach.

Visual Design is crucial in the MVP development phase – Idea Validation. In this stage, an entrepreneur validates a business idea and initiates the process. Buffer founder Joel Gascoigne used a simple yet engaging landing page to encourage users to fill out details if they are sufficiently interested in the value proposition. He launched the product that everyone wanted to use. He used a simple and visually appealing landing page to determine users’ thoughts.

The design doesn’t have to be spectacular and exceptional, with cutting-edge visual effects. Instead, the Minimum Viable Product design should adhere to the fundamental principles of visual Design: unity, balance hierarchy, proportions, emphasis, and contrast.

Design that meets all of these requirements helps users understand the product better, building trust.


Make your MVP usable.

MVP development and Lean UX encourage the creation of real products. Therefore, ensuring that your MVP addresses your customers’ needs is essential.

It would be best if you start by listing the features that address users’ most pressing problems. Avoid cramming too many elements in your MVP. Your MVP should be limited to the features you believe will bring the most ROI. You can then refine the MVP based on user feedback and your findings.


Iteration Is essential

If the designer doesn’t act on the feedback, collecting qualitative and quantitative feedback from users is worthless. Lean UX MVPs should be viewed as a process and not a product. One of the most important parts of this process is creating new and improved product versions that better meet people’s needs.

Every iteration should be based on feedback from actual users. Each iteration of an MVP should be tested in a production environment and by fewer people. In many cases, it makes sense to test the product with a small number of people and then, depending on their responses, move on to a larger scale.



UX design for MVP startups has many advantages over other product design methods. It also makes the design process more efficient and is often the best option. To create the best product, you can use the Lean UX MVP process – from ideas to building a functional prototype to learning from real people – over and over. The product will solve people’s problems while providing a pleasant experience.


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