How to Create Instagram Reels When You Don’t Have a Video Team?

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What are Instagram Reels?

Users can now create and upload videos up to 15 seconds long with music as the background.

This may sound familiar to you. Many people compare it to Tik Tok. Instagram has added a new feature to its platform, now available in over 50 countries. They are rapidly expanding this.

It’s a great place for sharing styling and fashion videos, travel clips, and beauty videos.

Instagram reels are not posted directly to your feed like posts and videos, although you can choose this option. Instead, they appear in a separate profile section, similar to IGTV the Shop function.


How to Make An Instagram Reel?

Open the Instagram mobile app, tap the plus icon at the upper-right corner, and create Reels videos. Follow the steps below to upload your existing clips or record new footage.

These are the best practices to follow when creating reels of content:

  • You should produce video content of the highest quality possible. A professional camera is unnecessary, but it’s essential to use proper lighting and avoid blurry reels.
  • Your reel content should entertain and inform. To keep your reel content relevant and interesting, storyboard it in advance.
  • To retain viewers, grab their attention in the first few seconds. To keep viewers’ attention, use transitions, captions, movement at the beginning.
  • Your brand can either add its take on the trends or create your own. You will inspire your audience with new reels. Reels can be thought of as ongoing conversations between customers and peers.


How to create Instagram reels when you don’t have a video team?

Third-party apps allow you to be more creative, more in control and produce better videos. These apps can be used to edit reels and film them.

After many trials, we have narrowed down our top apps to help us make Instagram Reels.


Best Filming App For Reels: FiLMic PRO

This could be compared to your smartphone’s built-in camera app. FiLMic Pro allows you to unlock DSLR-like settings on the smartphone. It is truly impressive. You won’t be able to pause your recording, as in the Instagram app. Instead, you will record multiple clips or one large clip and then edit them in your video editing app. This is not an issue, but it all depends on your preferences.


Best Editing Tools for Reels: VN Photo Editor & CapCut

VN Video Editor is our top choice for the best all-rounder app. CapCut is also high on our list. Both are very easy to use and offer tons of great features.

Here is a list of all the features you can use in the VN Video editor:

  • Drag clips by picking them out and dragging
  • You can trim clips by dragging yellow handles
  • Split a clip by selecting the clip and pressing the Split key
  • Splitting a clip can be done in multiple sections to eliminate the middle section.
  • You can speed up or slow down clips by pressing the Speed buttons
  • You can add filters and effects to alter the look of your video under the Effects link
  • Use the FX button to apply transitions


Use the greenscreen effect.

Reels’ green screen effect is revolutionary. Play with your background, whether it’s a photo or video. You can add a faraway location or a graphic to your background.


How do you tackle the challenge?

  • The Reels maker can be opened.
  • Two ways to access the Green Screen filter are available.

Option 1: Swipe left to see your camera roll. On the top right, tap Green Screen. Next, choose the background media that you would like to use. You can choose to use a photo or a video.

Option 2: Tap on the smiley face icon on the left-hand of the screen. Scroll through the filter options until the magnifying glass is reached, then tap. Tap Try it to search for the Green Screen camera effect. To choose a video or photo for your background, tap Add Media.

  • To make yourself appear larger or smaller against the background, pinch or expand your screen. If you feel crazy, you can also do this while recording.
  • To record, hold down the Green Screen icon or use the timer function for hands-free recording.
  • Once you’re done, tap the arrow icon and go to the editing screen. When you are ready to publish, tap Share To.


Create viral Instagram Reels using templates.

Why reinvent the wheel? Instagram Reels templates let you copy other Reels’ formatting so you can learn from their success stories.


  • When you open Instagram, tap the Reels icon (right at the bottom).
  • To enter Create mode, tap the camera icon at the top of the screen.
  • You’ll find a tab labeled Template just below the record button. Tap this!
  • Now you can scroll through a list of Reels templates. Click the Reels template you want to copy.
  • Follow the prompts to choose photos and videos taken with your own camera. These will be inserted and synced to the Reels’ timing.
  • Go to Settings and then post!


Add animated gifs to your Reel

Pop-up gifs can inject some life into your reels.

  • Take a recording of your footage and then enter edit mode.
  • Tap the sticker icon to select all the gifs you want in your Reel.
  • You’ll now see an icon for each gif in the lower-left corner. Tap on one.
  • The video timeline will be displayed for this gif. Adjust the start and end times to indicate when the gif will appear on the screen. For each gif, repeat the process.


How To Create The Best-in-Class Instagram Reels?

Okay, now you’re able to create an Instagram reel. But how can you stand out among the rest? Execution is everything!

These are our top tips for creating the best reels in class:

  • Hook Audience
  • Offer value
  • Get on the Trends


Hook Your Audience

A study found that brands and businesses only have eight seconds to grab users’ attention. Goldfish, on the other hand, have a nine-second attention span.

It’s essential to create an opening hook that grabs users’ attention immediately to keep them returning for more.

You can use an announcement, an interesting visual, or an open-ended question. Try different hooks to see how your audience responds. But remember that sometimes the most effective hooks can lead to the best results.


Provide Valu

Reels can be a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and reach. Videos that offer real value are those that stand out.

What’s the secret? The secret? Knowing who you are speaking to and their expectations.

They can look for simple tips, a quick recipe, or a funny joke. There are many ways to provide value.


Get on Top of Timely Trends

Following trends is a key part of creating viral Instagram Reels, regardless of whether it’s music, dance, or challenges.

This means that you must be immersed in Reels content.

This will allow you to identify and integrate new trends into your overall strategy.

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