How to curve text in figma, and what is the best way?

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How to curve text in figma?

Figma allows you to create circular texts. Figma doesn’t have a function to round the text. Figma has a simple trick that allows you to curve text. Just type your text into the box and hit ‘Apply’ to finish. This purpose can be achieved with several plugins.



Arc was chosen for this tutorial because it is free and simple.

Figma was originally designed for a UI design system. However, designers began to use it for other purposes, such as posters, logo design, prototyping, and social media designs.

Imagine you are designing a badge logo within Figma. You will need to curve your text to get a perfect badge design. The circular text becomes more important.


ARC plugin

Figma doesn’t have a function to round texts. The Figma community has provided a simple way to curve text using the ARC plugin. Once you have downloaded the plugin, it is easy to use.


Install Arc in FigmaBend Strength

Installing the plugin Arc in Figma is the first step.

Unfold offers Arc, a free Figma plugin. Arc allows you to curve your text upwards, downwards, or into circles. This plugin allows you to preview the result and adjust the slider. After the curve has been applied, the style of your text can be edited. You cannot edit the curve path.


Use the Plugin

After installing the plugin, create a new project and enter the text you want to use.

Right-click the text layer to open the layer options. Click on Arc and choose plugins.

A slider will be included with every panel. The slider can be adjusted until it suits you. Next, click Apply.


Choose your font

You can upload your font or choose from the pre-loaded fonts. We will be using the Pro Display font by Apple.

Add your text; __Latitude. longitude. Elevation 64m incline 12 degrees __using SF Pro Display Bold, Size 12, Color White

To get a great result, you can add some spacing between words.


Be strong

A slider will appear on the panel where you can adjust the percentage of bend strength. If you adjust the percentage to negative, it will bend toward the bottom. If you slide up, it will bend toward the top. You can adjust the slider until the desired result is achieved.

Circular Path

Click the Apply button to create a new letter in the group. The text’s curvature cannot be adjusted. The text can be retyped by selecting each text and editing it. To get the perfect curve, you must move and adjust your text. Rotating the group can give you a better visual.


Logos and Icons

These are some of the fun things you can do with this plugin. You will need to add two texts to the above technique. The first will have a positive value, while the second will have a negative.



As you can see, the bent text will form a separate group after clicking the Apply button.

Your circular text was successfully created. Aslo, this text can be used to create artwork. This was so easy!

You can’t change the text’s bending, as I said before. The text can be retyped by selecting each text and editing it. You can adjust and move the text to get a perfect curve.



Is there another way?

If you don’t like the method, it will create duplicates of some words at random locations in your workspace. Sometimes, the output may be outside of the frame’s boundaries and clipped so that it isn’t obvious. It is best to use it when the text is on the workspace and not on an artwork board.

Figma is an interface design application that runs in the browser. But it’s much more. Figma is the best tool for team-based collaborative design projects.

Multiple plugins can be used for the same purpose. You can also use them if you want the same results. They are all free.

  • Circular Text
  • To Path
  • TextWrap


Edit Text in Figma

It is easy to add text to your Figma design. Click the “Text” tool in the left menu and click anywhere on the canvas to add text. Then you can start typing.

Double-clicking on an existing text piece will bring up a text editor. Once you are done, you can make any necessary changes and hit the “enter” key to save your changes.

Note: Editing text in Figma is not an easy task. Before you attempt to use Figma, make sure that you are familiar with the software. You may get some undesirable results.

Figma makes it easy to style text. Simply select the text that you wish to style, and then use the formatting options in the top toolbar. These options include font size, font family, and line height.

By selecting the text that you wish to link and then clicking on the “Link” icon at the top toolbar, you can add links to the text. You will be able to enter the URL in a popup. This is all you need to add or style text in Figma. It’s very easy to do, and anyone can do it. Give it a shot in your next design project.

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