How to Curve Text in Google Slides?

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Presentation software like Google Slides gives you the freedom to create professional-quality presentations that are easy and enjoyable. With more than a dozen themes, fonts galore—even video backgrounds available through drag-and-drop modules–you can tailor your presentation in any way imaginable!

Creating a great presentation design requires the coordination of many different elements, including colors and fonts. Media files must sometimes be added to make slides interactive or change their text color in Google Slides easily without disruptively editing the entire slide deck – which can take some getting used to!

But there are ways you could accomplish these goals if they don’t suit your needs right now: You could attach an image as background fill for one specific spot on each page; use b/w mode when necessary so that all words appear white against black backgrounds.

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Add Curve Text in Google Slides using PowerPoint

Okay, so the first method is pretty straightforward. This uses PowerPoint’s powerful functionality to create curved text and then transfer it over to Google Slides!


How to Curve Text in PowerPoint? (Step-by-Step Guide)

PowerPoint lets you curve the text, which is great for making it easier on your eyes.

Step 1 – Add the Text that you want to Curve

Open up Microsoft PowerPoint. Then go to the “Insert” tab and select ‘Text Box’. Next, drag your desired text into this newly created box that looks like a small letterbox on its side (as indicated).

Click anywhere outside of it so you can exit once done editing!

Step 2 – Transform Text to Circle

Click on the text box and then select “Shape Format.”

Make sure that you have highlighted what needs to be changed before going any further! Next, go down to where it says ‘Text Effects.’ There will also appear an option for changing fonts or size; choose whatever suits your preference best but make certain it’s different from how they were originally formatted (highlighted).

Once chosen click applies button below – done!”

Step 3 – Make the Text Box SQUARE in Shape

To make your text look like a circle, you will have to change its size.

On the shape format tab of Word, increase or decrease both height and width until they are equal– but don’t forget that if we want our letters as circles then it’s important not only do this with their dimensions (i mile) – also pay attention which way is thicker!

Words/letters in my message box turn into perfect circles when printed out onto paper at 11×17 inches using normal printer ink.seoooo-03.jpg

Step 4 – Increase the Font Size

To create our circular paragraph, we must first adjust the size of the fonts.

The perfect time for this would be after you increase your font choices in Step 3 above but before they are all set at maximum points- so as not to overdo it! 

For my sample text using 60-point Times, New Roman lettering seemed just right (as seen below).


Step 5 – Rotate the Text Box by 90 Degrees

As you can see in the image, I settled on a font size of 60. But here’s a problem – when it comes to starting my sentence at an angle instead of starting from the left side like before? Simply rotate the text box by 90 degrees using the button next \n rotating it right into position!


Step 6 – Copy the Text Box

Next, we need to find the Slides app on your computer. Search for “Google” in order and click it when Found results appear as shown below:

This will open up google slides which can then be used by moving around inside of its interface using arrows or clicking objects with mouse pointers as I did here: The circle object looks very similar so make sure you diagnose if they are both being selected before proceeding any further!


Step 7 – Paste the Curved Text Box in Google Slides

The final step would be to simply paste it in the desired location of your presentation. Voila! You now have successfully managed curve text within Google Slides.”


Add Curve Text in Google Slides using Online Tools

There are a few different tools you can use to curve text into the perfect circle. One of these is Microsoft PowerPoint, but if it’s not your preference or doesn’t work well with what you need to be done there are also other options available online which provide this functionality without all its drawbacks!

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  • Add Curve Text in Google Slides using MockoFUN

MockoFUN is the best tool online that allows you to create curved text in various shapes and different types! You can even insert it into your google slides.

Create your own personalized and unique designs with this amazing free online tool. You can use the tutorials found on their site  to get started, or follow along in seconds by simply copying/pasting what you’ve already created!

The process is simple:

first, choose how far away from horizontal or vertical lines would like text placed;

next select an angle for each letter—it’s very intuitive once they’re set up properly–and lastly, decide if want something more stylized than realistic looking since these mock-ups only give hints at depth perception.

There’s a downside to using MockoFUN that you need to create your account, which is also free. Some people might not be too comfortable giving personal details or even creating one with just these uses in mind!

I know some of us would prefer if there was another way around having our accounts hacked and profiles deleted by hackers – but alas we can’t always get what we want 😉

  • Add Curve Text to Google Slides using TroyGram

MockoFUN is the perfect choice for people who want to create an account on a website they will never use again. However, if you are like me and prefer not to have my personal information exposed while signing up with another service provider (Hint – TroyGram), then this may be just what you need! It does not have as many features but still gets the job done well enough especially since I noticed slowing down when using too many frills in services nowadays anyways so it saved time by being quick & easy instead of having several extra steps involved every time.

Much like a new parent trying to figure out how their child likes things, it takes time and patience for anyone who wants to master the features on this website. But once you find your perfect style of font with these tools – there’s no going back!



Clarify the fact that there is no direct method to curve text in Google Slides, but many tools can do it!

When designing posters or other graphics for your business, there are many different options available. However, I recommend using PowerPoint because it allows you to modify the way that text appears on curves even after publishing! If this isn’t an option (or if mockups just aren’t what sell!) then my next choice would be MockoFUN – which is easy-to-use and convenient amongst all of those tools out there nowadays too.

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