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How To Deliver An Unforgettable Presentation, Unscripted

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Throughout my career, I’ve delivered many presentations. Although not all have been successful, one thing that has remained constant is that I don’t rehearse or use a script. English is only my second language and yet I still manage to present confidently without a script to rely on.


Public speaking can be a daunting task, even for experienced professionals. Following some key tips is one of the best ways to make presenting much easier. This collection of advice has been designed to help you overcome challenges and deliver your message confidently in any setting.


Presenting without any prior preparation can be beneficial as it facilitates an emotional connection between the presenter and the audience. While facts and data may need to be conveyed in presentations their impact lies beyond merely delivering information effectively; feelings and emotions are equally important for effective presentation strategies.


Practice, practice, practice

Practicing is essential for perfecting any skill, and public speaking is no exception. Writing a script can help you organize your thoughts, and going through it multiple times will make it easier to deliver naturally when the time comes. The more you practice delivering the speech, the better you’ll get at public speaking.


Take time to pause

Speaking hastily can be a sign of nervousness, but it is counterproductive in the long run. If you move too quickly, the audience will not be able to keep up and may even miss the point of your presentation. Therefore, you must slow down and leave space for pauses between each main point. By pausing after every sentence or two, you give people time to digest what was just said and create an opportunity for further questions or clarifications.

Entertain your audience

It is crucial to make sure your audience is engaged while delivering important information. Consider adding some humor or injecting lighter moments into your presentation with well-timed jokes, or by using a funny slide here and there. This will help break up the monotony of the delivery and keep your audience interested.

Engage your audience

Presentations don’t need to be a one-way street. If you involve the audience in your presentation and give them the chance to share their perspective, they’re more likely to be open to what you have to say. Finding the right balance between talking and listening can create an enjoyable and informative learning experience.


 Try to use icebreakers

No matter your presentation topic and audience, it’s always a good idea to begin by connecting with the viewers. You can do this by telling a joke or recalling an interesting narrative. For example, when I delivered my 15-minute presentation at the Asia Society’s 2014 Talent Management Forum in New York City, I opened with a funny story of how a U.S. immigration officer tried to communicate with an Asian traveler who didn’t speak English – much like my own experience when entering the country several years prior. My lighthearted introduction made for a memorable start and earned positive ratings from the organizers. Remember, icebreakers should be tailored to your audience, so it pays to have options ready that best fit your message and time constraints!

At a recent startup competition, I was among 20 judges tasked with the difficult job of selecting a few winners. While many participants focused on describing their technical solutions in just 10 minutes, one founder left an impression all the judges could agree with. He began his pitch by sharing a personal story and displaying an image of him in the emergency room, talking about every patient he saw there suffering without any relief or remedy. Through this story, he was able to convey why he decided to launch his own company and how it would make an impact. His narrative was persuasive and memorable – even now, I still remember him vividly.


Care about your audience’s attention

Maintaining the attention of listeners is a common issue for speakers in any setting. According to cognitive scientists, after 10 minutes people tend to lose focus, causing their concentration to wander. Fortunately, there are various strategies available for retaining your audience’s attention. These include the use of visuals and videos; interacting with questions and props; and involving other speakers as a way to shift pace. Implementing these tactics can help ensure that your presentations stay engaging and impactful.

Successful presentations rely heavily on audience engagement, so it’s important to make sure you can deliver your message in an impactful way. You can start by getting to know your audience and understanding their needs. Preparing a general outline of what you want to say will help ensure you address any key points; however, the most powerful moments come when you go off script and relate with the audience. Keep these tips in mind so that you’ll be ready for those unscripted moments in your next presentation.

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