How to Design a Sign Up Flow?

How to Design a Sign-Up Flow?
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In the design of UI and X, we are looking for methods and tasks that will help us in doing things and increase our visits and keep our users more satisfied. There are many things you can do to achieve these goals. Therefore, we decided to teach you how to design a sign-up flow, so stay with us until the end of the blog.


What is a sign-up flow?

The registration process is one of the most important parts where you interact with the logged-in user, and in terms of user experience, it is one of the most important parts that the audience faces. This is exactly the stage when the user registers and creates an account on your website or application, in other words, this is the stage when the user buys from you or becomes interested in interacting with you. (Grossmancapraroplasticsurgery)

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Here’s how the old sign-up flow worked –

  • Homepage with a “sign on Now” button as the most effective name to motion.
  • Which directed site visitors to the subsequent join-up form.
  • old sign-up web page
  • Upon finishing this form, they were given get admission to a take-a-look-at account.
  • A not-on-time email verification procedure was accompanied.

Here’s how the new sign-up flow works –

  • The homepage has two calls to move above the fold. primary one at the center, asking for their e-mail cope, and a secondary one at the pinnacle.
  • The secondary name to the movement directs them to a committed sign-on page. That once more has simply one shape subject.
  • New SignUp
  • As quickly as visitors input an email deal and join up, they get entry to a checking account.
  • A behind-schedule email verification process is accompanied.
  • once they’ve reviewed all critical functions, they can claim their account inside the app


Friction and the sign-up flow

Friction measures how lots attempt the user has to exert to join up. even though difficult to quantify due to variance and subjectivity, it can be measured using three factors.

Steps to completion. It is the number of pages that the user expects to advance until the completion of the steps.

Information cost.The number of fields or pages that the application must fill.

Effort investment. The number of decisions and actions that users should give.


When Should Friction-based Signup Be Used?

Knowing when it is better to use it is one of the most important questions that we have to ask ourselves and know it is a must.

In general, knowing when a tip should be used helps you a lot, so when you are doing something, you suddenly forget it and use it.

Finally, he said that we use it mostly when we need to collect information and take important actions, so it is better to use it when you want to transfer important information.



  • When the registration process goes through more successfully and easily, users will be more willing to work on your page, so it is better for us that users go through this path more easily.
  • It attracts determined and serious users, in this way serious users that we know will stay on our page and become good users for us, and spam registrations will be prevented.
  • The next advantage that it has for us is the removal of spam, in this case, it will make the abuse much less than the demo versions.



  • With all the good things mentioned above, it should be said that in this case, the number of successful user operations will be very low.
  • More people quit mid-way through the task (meaning they don’t even complete the steps to the end). 
  • Our audience doesn’t have many opportunities to try the UE product and they can’t use it much.

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Each type of UI and UX design for each level and each site has its advantages and disadvantages, and we cannot say whether they are good in general and whether it is good to use them or not to use them, all of this depends on three factors. The main question:

  • What is your main goal?
  • What user are you designing for?
  • What is the product you designed?

According to these questions, you can find the method that is most useful to you and use it.

Finally, if something is missing, tell us so that we can cover it, and if you need help from a professional team with a long history in the field of UI and UX design, you should know that my colleagues at Temis are always at your disposal to provide the best We will advise you and help you in doing your work, so contact us.

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