How to easily make an AWESOME first slide in PowerPoint?

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A first impression is important and creating one should never be taken lightly. It’s no surprise then, that people often simply put their title on the slides as an attention-grabbing feature for viewers – but I am personally opposed to this most common method because it just shows a lack of interest in what you’re presenting (even though again maybe not necessarily true).

First, you’ll need to decide what your presentation will be about. Do we want it to focus on one subject or do a wide-ranging overview of many topics? Once that’s clear in mind then the next step is choosing an appropriate design for each slide – don’t worry though because this can easily happen all at once using our quick and easy steps! So let’s get started by deciding how big should my slideshows be. Should they only contain pictures OR videos too?! Lastly, put together everything into actually creating these amazing.



What is the first slide of a PPT presentation?

The first slide of any presentation is called a “Title Slide” or sometimes just simply referred to as the cover. This main title often contains key information about what you will be presenting and how it pertains back to our topic at hand, making this crucial for getting started on time!



How to easily design a beautiful first slide in minutes?

Now that you’ve seen some of the simplest ways to create a great-looking first slide, let’s dive into more detail. There are plenty out there for designers who want their work looked at by as many people as possible – but these will only get your audience so far! To really wow ’em and leave an impression on them long after they’ve finished scrolling through all available information online or reading through this article…you need something special: A killer design made just for them with personalization built right in from start to finish.


Method 1 – Using PowerPoint’s “Design Ideas” functionality 

PowerPoint’s “Design Ideas” functionality offers great potential for creativity and design, with many possibilities. This feature is not just good enough to try out on beginners; intermediates will also benefit from using this tool in their work too! We at OwlScape like getting inspired by creative blogs when we need some fresh ideas—so it’s always worth checking yours out if you have access or time.”

To give your presentation an edge, all you need to do is put some text on the cover slide and use PowerPoint’s “Design Ideas” feature. For example, You can write titles or subtitles for each section of information that they are presenting

Why not set out what belongs where with these simple steps? This will help keep viewers organized while giving them more clarity about how much time has passed since beginning watching!

Next, click on the “Design” tab located in your Menu bar. On this menu’s ribbon under Design Ideas, you will find a feature called “design ideas.” Click it and wait for just about 2 minutes before seeing anything!

Designing a logo is all about finding your unique style. It’s not always easy, but with some creativity and elbow grease, you can turn those generic designs into something that will befit any company or business!

that has an idea for how they would like their brand identity represented in terms of colors/fonts used on social media platforms such as Twitter etc., then it might help them if we started there first instead of trying to come up propose abstract ideas from scratch which could lead nowhere fast due lack meaningful input.

  • Don’t let PowerPoint decide how you use PowerPoint.

With all these features, it can be hard to decide what is worth using and when. But don’t worry! We’ve got your back with this list of must-haves for any PowerPoint user and those on the fence (or looking forward) will want to see them too.

Make sure to check out our pre-made themes before you adopt them. You can try different typefaces and formatting from other programs like Adobe Illustrator or Apple Pages if Calibri & Cambria aren’t cutting it for your needs! Try making the presentation more interesting by changing up colors too – this will help keep attention on what’s important in any given moment rather than being distracted constantly by something blue (like their default tone).


  • Create custom slide sizes.

When you’re creating a presentation, keep in mind that the default slide size may not work well on weirdly sized displays. If your screen is too small or large for what’s expected of it and needs to be resized accordingly before printing out copies so they’ll fit properly onto sheets of paper – here’s how!


  • Edit your slide template design.

It’s common to design each slide by hand, but it can be easier and faster if you edit your PowerPoint template beforehand. Here are some tips for getting started with this process!

To start editing a pre-made presentation or charting out new ideas on what will ultimately become an empty canvas – let’s take advantage of our free time while still being mindful about saving every last minute possible during these busy work days so we don’t end up feeling overwhelmed at the end o the week wondering where everything went wrong because there wasn”t enough hours in one day (or weeks) spent putting together correctly aligned content across various medium.


  • Make sure all of your objects are properly aligned.

The key to making a presentation look polished and professional is having properly aligned objects on your slide. You can manually try aligning them yourself, but we all know how that typically works out – you’re trying hard enough as it is without throwing some guesswork into the mix! Get rid of those worries by letting PowerPoint do its magic for you with this trick-it’ll line up everything perfectly every time so there’s nothing left guessing when viewers go through minutes or hours worth of content at one time over several days/weeks.

  • Use “Format Object” to better control your objects’ designs.

When you right-click on an object and select ‘format’, the menu will pop up with all sorts of options to adjust it just how your heart desires. You can change shadows, and measurements or even create reflections–whatever looks best!


  • Take advantage of PowerPoint’s shapes.

With the release of Microsoft’s expanded format options, PowerPoint provides more design potential with shapes. The user can now create better designs by using their flexible toolkit and incorporating different types or patterns into each slide’s layout!

PowerPoint is the ultimate tool for making presentations that get your message across. With Smart shapes, you can create diagrams and flow charts in no time! The best part? You don’t even need creativity because they’re pre-made – just choose what kind of shape it should be then fill out any borders or titles as desired to make them look interesting enough until next month’s meeting.

The new version has some cool features including one where users can apply different typesets based on their needs at every stage throughout the production process so there won’t ever again.

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presentation design services

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