How To Embed A Youtube Video To A PowerPoint?

How To Embed A Youtube Video To A PowerPoint?
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in this article, We will show you how to share your YouTube videos in PowerPoint slides. While you can always import and insert the video into your PowerPoint presentation, it is possible to embed any YouTube video.

How To Embed A Youtube Video To A PowerPoint?

Methods to insert YouTube videos into PowerPoint

There are numerous ways you may do this in case you need to embed a YouTube video for your PowerPoint presentation. In this newsletter, we refer to three of them.

  • the easiest way is to certainly replica the URL or embedded YouTube video and paste it into PowerPoint. this option requires an active internet connection while imparting, as the video is gambling over the internet.
  • the second one option is to display a screen file of the YouTube video with PowerPoint and put it for your presentation.
  • The third approach is to apply iSpring Converter seasoned software program. you can add YouTube movies with iSpring Converter seasoned to make your presentation attractive and informative.

How To Embed A Youtube Video To A PowerPoint?

Method 1 – Use the embed code or URL

If you’re using PowerPoint 2010 or higher, you can insert videos from websites like YouTube.

Steps to copy YouTube address

  • Search Youtube video on your browser
  • Once you found the video, click on it and scroll down the window. Click on “Share”.The “share” option offers two different ways to add videos to PowerPoint:

How To Embed A Youtube Video To A PowerPoint?

Copy the YouTube video URL

to add a video using YouTube URL, click on the “share” button and copy the video URL or copy the URL from the address bar.

Use embed code to add a YouTube video

First, click on the “share” button then the “Embed” option. On the right, select the embed code (iframe tag) and copy it.

Steps to add YouTube code or URL to PowerPoint

Steps to add YouTube code or URL to PowerPoint

Open PowerPoint

Go to the Insert tab

Click on the Video option in the Media group

A drop-down menu opens, choose Online Video

How To Embed A Youtube Video To A PowerPoint?

Paste the URL into the first address bar or paste the embeded code of the YouTube video into the second box.


A video recording display seems on the slide. click on the play button to preview the video. here you can use the PowerPoint playback options and use the Playback tab to govern how the film is performed and when the film is proven  on the slide. you may also play the video in a fulldisplay layout or resize it to appropriate dimensions. you may also manage the volume of the video, alter the video playback frequency, and display the media controls.

Method 2 – record the screen with PowerPoint

You can record your screen in PowerPoint with the following method:

How To Embed A Youtube Video To A PowerPoint?

  • Open PowerPoint
  • Insert> Media> Screen Recording
  • Select the area you want to record
  • Choose your desired setting for pointer and audio from the new toolbar at the top of the screen
  • Click on record
  • Open the YouTube video and it will be recorded
  • Click on Stop to stop recording


Method 3 – Use iSpring Converter Pro

With iSpring, you can easily embed YouTube videos directly into your PowerPoint presentation. Just follow these steps:

  • Download and install iSpring Converter Pro
  • Open your PowerPoint file
  • Open the slide you want to put the video in
  • Click on the “iSpring Converter Pro” tab (when you install iSpring this tab will automatically add to the PowerPoint bar)
  • Click on “youtube” (a new window will open)
  • Insert the YouTube link (now you can preview the video)
  • You can set a delay in the “Setting” section and your video will appear after that time on your slide
  • Click on “Preview” to see how it looks in a browser, or click on “Ok” to insert the video
  • To finalize it click on “Publish” in the “Publish” group
  • Select “My Computer”
  • You can choose “HTML5” or an “MP4” format, or upload the converted PowerPoint to YouTube in a mp4 format


 Compare adding YouTube videos and Videos From PC

Compare adding YouTube videos and Videos From PC

As we said, PowerPoint allows you to add video online or locally from your computer. Both of these options have advantages and disadvantages that will help you make the right choice.



  • Loading a local film generally takes longer than an online video or YouTube video, which can sluggish down your presentation. no person desires to watch for a video to load inside the middle of a presentation, it may distract you and lose your target market.
  • whilst you add a nearby video to a PowerPoint presentation, the file length can also even increase to greater than 25 MB. Sharing this sort of large record will be difficult, in particular thru e-mail.


  • uploading a video from a pc is less complicated, you must just choose the video and add it to your PowerPoint record.
  • You do not need a web connection to play a nearby video to your presentation. this will make you feel secure while offering so you do no longer need to fear about negative internet connection.

why should we insert a YouTube video in PowerPoint?

why should we insert a YouTube video in PowerPoint?

embedding YouTube videos into PowerPoint presentations, allows you to add plenty of useful graphics and visuals to your presentation while taking advantage of all the social media buzz and attracting more viewers, who would have otherwise ignored your slideshow without the video embedded into it.



By using video in your presentation you’ll make a huge impact on your audience. it’s likely that they haven’t seen a lot of well-down presentations that utilize video or… so you’ll be memorable

Using video in a smart way can make all the difference.

There are plenty of different ways a way to embed a YouTube video into PowerPoint and we listed some right here. you may try every technique and pick out your favorite one.


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