How to embed an excel document in PowerPoint?

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If you are a businessman or working in a marketing agency, a professional presenter, or even a student, you may wonder how to embed Excel file in ppt. Linking or embed Excel file in PowerPoint presentations can be a challenge for neophyte users and beginners. Microsoft makes this process easy by making it possible to share Excel with other Microsoft apps.

Embed Excel in PowerPoint will allow you to present your data more visually appealing to keep your audience engaged with your PowerPoint presentation design services. We prepared this blog post for you to learn how to embed an Excel file in PowerPoint.

embed excel file in powerpoint

How to embed Excel file in PPT?

With our instructions in a few steps, you will be able to embed Excel file in PowerPoint

Step 1:

Open your presentation file on your computer. Also, you can open an existing PPT on your device, click on File, find the Open, and then click on Recent to bring you recently opened presentations.

how to embed excel file in ppt

Step 2:

Look for the Insert tab and choose it to see a list of options to embed items into your presentation. Click on Objects from the Text section to appear in the Insert Object dialog window.

how to embed excel in powerpoint

Step 3:

In the opened dialog window, choose Create from File, which allows you to retrieve data from an Excel file you already have on your system.

how to embed an excel file in powerpoint

Step 4:

In the File section, click Browse to see a pop-up window showing your Excel files. Now, choose the File you want from your computer to embed Excel data in a PowerPoint presentation.

insert excel file in powerpoint

Step 5:

After selecting your worksheet, there is a box labeled File, which provides you with a link to locate the document. Secondly, there’s another unlabeled box with a check mark that indicates you have clicked inside its limits. Confirm that you have selected the right Excel file by reviewing it. In close, click the X icon in the dialog’s upper-right corner.

how to embed excel file in powerpoint


There are some solutions for transferring data between Microsoft applications. As you see, we teach you how to embed an Excel file in PowerPoint in simple steps. Keep in mind while transferring data that there are differences between embedding and linking; decide, based on your needs, which one is suitable for you.


Can Excel charts be embedded in PowerPoint?

In Excel, click the chart you need to copy to another Microsoft program and simply use Ctrl+C. Open PowerPoint, then click wherever you want to paste the chart, and now use Ctrl+V. Finally, click on the Paste Options and choose how you want to paste the chart.

How do I edit an embedded Excel chart in PowerPoint?

To edit an embedded chart (created in PowerPoint by using Insert Chart): Under Chart Tools, on the Design tab, in the Data group, click Edit Data. Microsoft Excel opens a new window and displays the worksheet for the selected chart.

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