How to Fix the Google Slides error rendering shape?

google slides error rendering shape
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Google Slides is one of the most used cloud-based presentation apps. There are always challenges and upcoming errors in using apps—one of the usual annoying Google Slides error rendering shapes. Imagine you are doing the last steps of preparing your presentation. The last touch is adding some related images to your slides, but you get an unsupported image type Google Slides; it is really annoying. We are going to investigate unsupported image type Google slides and how to solve this problem in our blog post.

If you are a student, a professional presenter, or a Presentation design services expert, you will need to learn about Google Slides’ upcoming and possible errors to avoid them in the future. You need to learn about what does unsupported image type mean on Google Slides, and we are going to guide you to use all the potentials of Google Slides without getting bothersome errors.

unsupported image type google slides

How to Fix the “Unsupported Image Type” Error in Google Slides?

When you get an error rendering shape and unsupported image type Google Slides, it means that you are trying to add the wrong file format that is not compatible with Google Slides. You should know the image format is invalid or unsupported google slides. Google Slides supports the following image formats:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • BMP
  • TIFF

Note that some image file formats, such as SVG, TIFF, or RAW, may show errors when you want to add them to your slides. The good news is that there are many ways to solve these issues, and we are going to talk about them in the following paragraphs.

1-Change your File type

Open the unsupported image on your computer that you want to convert. Many apps and solutions exist to change a file type based on the source format. For example, you can do it with your Windows file explorer. In the view tab find the show/hide section and check the “File name extensions” option to see what is your file type. Now right-click on your image and choose Rename from the opened menu. Change the file type to the supported format we mentioned above (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF.) Now, try again to see if it’s okay with your Google slide or not.

google slides unsupported image type

2-Convert your Image Type

If it’s still not working and you get the image format is invalid or unsupported Google Slides, you can use Paint, which is already installed on your computer. Open the image on Paint; you can drag and drop it to the opened window and then use save as a dialog box on the left of the window on top. Now save it to the supported format you want, and it’s done, give a name to your new format file that is a support format with Google Slides.

 If you want to use online converter tools, you can use plenty of websites to convert your unsupported file format. OnlineConvert and Convertio are two of them that you can simply convert image type. Open one of the websites we introduced, upload your unsupported file from your system with drag and drop, or use the upload button. Choose your output file type that is compatible with Google Slides and start the process. The online tool will convert it, and then you can download your image to use in your Google Slides blur image without getting any unsupported image type Google slides.

3-Upload your file to Google Drive

You can upload your unsupported image file to your Google Drive easily. Choose the upload file from the new button in Google Drive and upload your file. From the insert menu of your Google Slides, choose Drive and select the file you uploaded in Google Drive; click on Insert, and it’s done.

what does unsupported image type mean on google slides

Google Docs Unsupported Image Type

Like Google Slides, Google Docs is a cloud-based Google Workspace feature that enables users to write or edit documents via the Internet. Google Docs concentrates more on text rather than images, which can still be inserted into your documents.

You may see errors just like unsupported image type Google Slides, the same in your Google Docs documents, and this means that the image file you are trying to add to your document file format is unrecognizable by Google Docs. Common image file formats like JPEG, PNG, and GIF are compatible with using Google Docs.

To solve this problem, you may use an image editing tool or online converter, which enables the transformation of the unsupported picture into an appropriate format. Alternatively, you may take a snapshot of the picture and download it in another format, then transfer it to G-Docs.


The easiest way to solve Google Slides unsupported image type is by using an image converter. You can find it online, and they are usually notified about supported formats, so you don’t need to worry about getting it wrong! If that doesn’t work, try changing the extension on your phone or computer (you’ll know what I’m talking about if it’s something like . JPG). A more complicated method would be going into Google Drive directly instead of importing from another app.


What image types are supported by Google Slides?

You can upload JPEG, PNG, and GIF images from your device using Insert- Image. I have also seen that Slides will take. Bmp and . Svg as well.

What is an unsupported image format?

“Unsupported image format” means that the image is there, but your system does not support the image format, or the image file is corrupted. The images are in a .png format, which works when I custom-type the name.

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