How to Help People Avoid and Recover From Errors in Your UI Design

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Errors may occur in many cases, and what we should do about them is to allow users to face errors less often, or if they do, they can easily solve their problems and find a way. find an escape from it, so what we have to do is to see the errors and tell the audience why this happened, tell the cause of this problem, then tell a solution for this problem, so in this blog, we intend to We will teach you what is best to do.

First of all, I have to tell you that mistakes and errors can always happen, and no one should be blamed for these mistakes and errors, and it has happened to all of us many times and it can still happen, so there is a possibility of it happening and it should He was looking for a solution.

You should know that we have two types of errors

Errors that are our mistakes and slips


Most of the mistakes are due to our lack of information. We make mistakes because we don’t have enough information and they happen, so we can solve this problem by giving more information to the user.

Slips occur at a completely different time when we have that information or we know exactly what our product is and all the details related to it, but for some reason, we choose wrongly.


Avoiding errors 

In this section, I want to tell you what you should do so that your user does not make a mistake.

In this section, first of all, it should be said that the reason for our errors is slippages, and for this reason, we can solve this problem with the design.

The problem that occurs in this section is that the customer fills out the forms incorrectly and we should not let them do this, and what is the solution for this?


what is the solution?

Emphasize the correct actions. Here, you should focus more on the correct actions and the steps that the user must take, and you should focus on them. Next to them, you should de-emphasize them, and for incorrect actions, you should make them smaller. Another example is for those times when you have to do one thing after another and the order of doing them is very important for us.

Therefore, here too, the field that needs to be filled later should be less focused. Another thing you can do is to make those fields different with one method, you can use ranks and change fonts or any other method you have.

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Seeing error

It has happened to me many times that when an error or a mistake occurs, I didn’t notice the mistake, for example, I started and filled in a field, then at the end it doesn’t go to the next page and I don’t understand where the problem is. Therefore, we must think to let our audience and users know that they are facing an error here.


What is the solution?

For this, I can think of many solutions that can be done and we will check them together.

The first way is to see where the person is looking and where his main focus is, then place the error exactly in the direction of the audience’s focus.

  • The second thing is not to put your camera too far from the eyes of the audience, try to put it close.

For example, imagine that you are filling a field at the bottom of the page, but errors are warning you at the top of the page, and you don’t understand where the problem is with your cartoon, and why they give you an error, and you can’t fix it. Finally, you exit that page and that is it.

  • Show the error after completing the work and completing the field. It has happened to me many times that I was in the middle of entering my email and I was faced with errors saying that my email address is wrong, even though I had not yet entered my email completely.

Our goal in fixing these errors is to make the user feel better about working with us, so we must do our best to make him feel satisfied with using our website, and this is going to get on the nerves of the audience very much, so the errors should be displayed at the end of the work.


Recovering from error

For the last step, all you have to do is help the audience to get rid of this error and find a way out.

What’s the solution?

To solve this problem, you have to do two things. First of all, let the audience know why they made an error and exactly where they went wrong. This does not mean using difficult terms and phrases, but it means using the simplest language and making it understandable to the user because we all faced errors when we did not understand what they were asking us.

In the second step, we should teach them how to solve this problem and tell them what is the best thing to do to solve this problem.

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Our main goal of UAX is for the user to have a better feeling in working with us, and we must do everything in line with this so that we help the user to face fewer errors, or if he does, he can fix them easily. It is obligatory to solve it.

Therefore, you should be very careful with your error pages, and if you want my opinion and you are employed, I suggest you work with a UI and UX design agency. This way, your cartoon will be very easy and you will not have any problems, besides, you will have much less stress. Of course, it depends on the agency you choose.

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