How to Hide the Audio Icon in a Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshow?

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If you’d like to remove the audio icon when playing a PowerPoint presentation, it’s easy to do. This holds true for both the Windows and Mac desktop versions as well as in PowerPoint on the web. By hiding this symbol, it won’t be displayed if you’ve set an audio clip to play automatically or run in the background.


Hide the Audio Icon in PowerPoint on Your Desktop

Microsoft PowerPoint on Windows and Mac have the same steps to hide audio icons. 

  • First, open the presentation and select the slide containing the sound icon. 
  • Then, select that icon and head to the Playback tab that appears. 

Note: To view the Playback tab, ensure you’ve selected a sound icon.

In the Audio Options section of the ribbon, tick the box to enable the “Hide During Show” setting.


Hide the Audio Icon in PowerPoint on the Web

You can easily hide a sound icon in your presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint online. First, select the icon and then select the Audio tab to view its options. If you do not see this tab, make sure that you have properly selected the sound icon.

To hide audio during a presentation, select the “Audio Options” menu and check the box for “Hide During Show”.

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