How to Insert a Check Mark or Checkbox in PowerPoint?

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The checkmark is a commonly used symbol that signifies completion, correctness and validation. This sign can be incorporated into text placeholder documents, spreadsheets, designs and PowerPoint charts. Fortunately, creating this iconic symbol on PowerPoint is simple and relatively easy to do, regardless of which version of the software you may be using.


The ability to indicate task completion in PowerPoint is a valuable tool. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to insert a check mark in PowerPoint and use if for status updates. This can be particularly helpful when creating presentations with progress indicators included. Follow our detailed steps and you’ll have your checkmark in no time!


Insert Checkmark On A Slide

  • Inserting Bullets


Step 1:

Open the slide


Step 2:

Click the text box or placeholder of your choice to add in check marks at the start of each paragraph.


Step 3:

Select the ‘Home’


Step 4:

Under the ‘Paragraph‘ section, click on the arrow next to “Bullets.” This will open a drop-down menu.


Step 5:

To begin the process, select ‘Bullets’ and ‘Numbering’ in the dialog box. Then click on the ‘Bulleted‘ option to open a new dialog box.


Step 6:

Select the ‘tick marks’.


Step 7:

The dialog box provides the option to customize the shape and color of bullet points. Users can select from a range of options to create a unique look.


Step 8:

Please click the ‘OK’ button to place tick marks at the start of the paragraph.


  • Insert Symbol

There is a way to add tick symbols as custom bullets in a PowerPoint display. To create this effect, use the following steps: 


step 1:

 Select the paragraph(s) you wish to add the tick symbol and click on the “Bullets” icon on the toolbar; 


Step 2:

From the pop-up menu, select “Define New Bullets”; 


Step 3:

In the Symbol dialog box, select “Symbol” and then choose a “Wingdings” font — such as Wingdings 3 — and find one of the characters that looks like a check mark or tick;


Step 4:

Click “OK” and your chosen symbol will now be added to your paragraphs in your PowerPoint presentation.

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