How to insert a drawing in google slides? – Best and easiest methods

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Google Slides offers many great options for creating your presentation. There are also tons of templates available. Also, You can also make your own business presentation using the drawing tools. This will help you spread the word about the offer.

It’s great to be able to share your drawings via Google Slides. You can easily involve an entire audience while still having access to all your drawings.



How to insert a drawing in google slides?


Drawing in Google Slides with the Scribble tool

You can quickly sketch your picture by drawing directly on your slide. Next, you can use the tools available to format your drawing in the way you prefer.


Step 1. Google slides

The first step is to Open Google Slides. You can open a presentation you have already created in Google Slides if you wish to use it. You can also create a new presentation if you want to start from scratch. You should have a Google Account.


Step 2. Add Scribble

After opening Slides, you need to click on Insert and choose Line. Then, tap on Scribble. You don’t have to use Scribble. You can also add connectors and regular straight lines.


Step 3. Start adding custom shapes

After you click on the Scribble tool, you can begin drawing random different shape’s. Google ensures that your shapes are improved once you have completed the figures.



Step 4. Customizing 

Now you are drawing your shapes. Now, you can start adding extra details:

  • You can change the color or add your own color.
  • Set line weight
  • to create a line dash.
  • Set a line beginning and ending.
  • Format the drawing.
  • You can even add comments and links to assist you further.


Use an editing tool to draw a line.

  • Click at the top of this page to select line
  • Choose the Line that you prefer
  • Draw the Line:
  1. Line, Elbow Connectors, Curved Connectors, or Arrow: Click on the Start button, then drag across your canvas.
  2. Curve or Polyline Click to begin, then click on each point where you want the line bent. To finish the shape, double-click or complete it.
  3. Scribble – Click to begin, then drag across your canvas.
  • Click Choose.


Drawing on Google Slides using Google Drawings

You can also use Google Drawings to create a picture and add it to your slide. This is the way to go if you need to draw a complex drawing.

Google Slides does not offer the ability to insert a drawing. It takes some extra steps, and there are a few ways you can do it.

You can create your image by going directly to Google Drawings. To open Drawings in another browser tab, you can click File > New > Drawing on the Google Slides menu.

Draw your image, then use the toolbar to format it in any way you prefer. Make sure to name it at the top left.

The drawing can be inserted in Google Slides using one of the two methods.


Publish and link to the drawing

The first method is to publish the drawing. Copy the link and then use the URL to insert the image on your slide. The link makes the drawing public and anyone can access it. The drawing will automatically update wherever it is linked if you make any changes to it and republish it.

  1. Click File > Publish to Google Drawings from the menu.
  2. Click on the Link tab to choose a size. Click “Publish” then “OK.”
  3. Please copy the link once it displays. (for Mac, it’s Command+C)
  4. Go back to Google slides by clicking Insert > Image > By URL.
  5. Copy the link using Ctrl+V for Windows or Command+V for Mac. Then, “Insert.”


Download the drawing, and Upload it to Google Slides

You can also insert your Google Drawing into Google Slides by downloading the image and uploading it to your slide.

  • Click File > Download to choose a format like PNG from Google Drawings.
  • Go back to Google Slides. Click Insert > Image > Upload from Computer.
  • Click on the image to be uploaded.

After you have inserted your drawing using either of the methods above, you can adjust its size or position or add shadows or reflections, as explained earlier. Click on it and then click “Format Options.”


Draw a picture from Google Drive and insert it.

  • Start a new file on your computer.
  • You can find the option to insert a drawing directly from your hard drive at the top of this page.
  • Simply select the picture you wish to add and click on the Insert button.
  • Click here to select

There is a connection between your original drawing and the one you posted.

  • Make something new and then upload it. Please click the image. Click on the Update button in the upper left.
  • You can cut the sketch: Click here to view the image. Click on the link in the upper right corner to disconnect, and then click Unlink.



Google Slides allows you to draw and enhance your presentation. These methods will make your drawings more efficient in Google Slides. Although it may be less powerful and efficient than other drawing and illustration programs, it can help you improve the presentation’s quality and increase the audience’s satisfaction.

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