How to insert a google slide into a google doc?

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Google slide is one of the themes popular tools for creating a presentation all over the world and many people use it. You can use it in many formats share it or download it and sent it to others and also you can work with others on google Slides at the same time. So these are why we write too much about google slide presentations. 

In this blog post, I Weill learn you how to insert a google slide into a google doc. 

How to insert Google Slides into Google Docs

First of all its good to learn how we can do that:


 Step 1: open google slide

As the first step open google slide in your browser. Here you can create a new presentation or if you want to insert it into google Docs. There is another option for you to open the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in google slide for doing the you can upload the file to google drive and then open it with Google Slides. 


Step 2: Open the slide 

Here you should select the slide from the left side that you want to insert into google docs. After doing that, go to go “Edit > Copy” or if you are a fan of using shortcuts you can simply press the Ctrl + C keys.


Step 3: open google Docs

Here open google docs and Crete a blank project or extend the existing one. Now you should place the cursor (the blanking) at the location in the google docs where you want to insert the copied google slide.

After that go to “Edit > Paste or if you are a fan of using shortcuts and you like it that way more you can press Ctrl + V keys.


Step 4: link the slide to google slide

Hereafter you paste the slide into google docs, you will get a popup with two options:


Pate unlinked: This means that the changes that you make in google slides will not be updated in google docs. Also, this will pate the unlinked side to Google Docs. 


Link to presentation: This option can help you and work when you insert the live slide into Google Docs. And that means that whenever you make any changes to google slides, google docs will show you an update option. 

You should know that clicking on the option will update the slide instated in the google docs to the latest changes that you made.

Here if you want to insert the live slide into Google Docs, you have to select the link to presentation option, and after making changes in google slides, open google docs and click on the update button. After all google docs will retrieve data from google Slides automatically. 

Also, I need to mention that you can do the same steps to insert multiple slides from google slides into google docs. 


How to open google Slides in google docs?

You should go to google docs and then go to “File > Open” select the Presentations option in the drop-down, and then click Open, here it will redirect you to google slide instead of opening the google slide in google docs. 



Here in this blog post, I teach you the steps that you can insert your google slide into google docs and we sill that works for you. 

Also, I want to mention that we should ask a presentation design agency to work with us and help us for preparing our presentation if we have an important presentation. 

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