How to Make a Graph in Google Slides?

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There are some times that we need to show our audience in our presentation real aesthetics and there is no way to show it today I was wondering and thinking about these questions for two or three days finally I found that we can share them through diagrams,  charts or graphs to our audience although I always recommend to people who have important presentations to work with an agency with similar experience in this field. Of course that they are some elements that you had to check before asking them and you had to check their portfolio or the samples to trust him but it is much better for them.

In this blog post, I will learn you how to create graphs in google slides so if you’re interested in learning it follow us to the end of the blog. 


How to Create a Chart?

step 1 

pick out the slide in which you want to insert a chart.B - 1.jpg

step 2 

Click on Insert → Chart. You’ll see exclusive options: bar, column, line, and pie. There’s additionally an option to upload a chart from an already present Google Sheets file. select the one that fine suits your facts.B - 2.jpg

step 3 

when you’ve delivered the chart, it’ll be inserted as a photo. To edit it, click Edit in Sheets, as a way to see a pop-up inside the bottom left corner.B - 3.jpg

step 4 

As an opportunity, click on the hyperlink options drop-down arrow and pick Open supply. A Google Sheets document will open.B - 4.jpg

step 5 

whilst you’re performed enhancing the information and/or the layout in Google Sheets, go returned to Google Slides. to apply the modifications, click the replace button, positioned within the top right nook.

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