How to order presentation design? – Best tips to have an excellent presentation design

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Why presentation design is important

A presentation is more than just a stack of slides with text or images. Mainly, colorful, creative visuals are much more memorable than text on a screen.

Because you can combine your ideas, narrative, and statistics into one place, presentation design is essential. It will help you tell a compelling story that leads you to your desired conclusion.

If you present your ideas with good design, you can share your views, grow your business, and get your audience to hear you. Poor presentation design can lead to a loss of interest in the presentation.


How to order presentation design? - Best tips to have an excellent presentation design

How to order presentation design?

Ordering a presentation design is easy and straightforward. 

  • First, you must decide what type of design you want for your presentation – whether it should be a template-based or custom design. 
  • Then, contact the designer who could best meet your needs and discuss the details and timeline of the project with them. Provide examples of designs you like or dislike (if any) so that the designer can understand your preferences.
  • After agreeing on a budget and timeline, make payment according to the agreed terms before starting work.
  • Once all details are finalized, provide all project requirements as specified by the designer in order to get started on creating your presentation design. Depending on how complex or unique your project is, it may take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks for the designer to finish.
  • After completion, review the design and provide any feedback or changes if needed before approving it. 

And that’s all there is to it! With just a few simple steps, you can have a beautiful presentation design in no time!


How to order presentation design? - Best tips to have an excellent presentation design

What do you need to consider when ordering a presentation design?


Choose what types of Presentations you need.

There are many types of presentations, and there are reasons why you might need one.

Educational Presentations

You might need to present a presentation to the school for various reasons. These could include sharing your findings and hypothesis, giving a book review, or presenting an idea.

You can use an educational presentation template to ensure your presentation is beautiful.

Webinar Presentations

Webinars can be used to generate leads and new sign-ups. These presentations are usually informational and lead to a sales pitch at the end.

Sales Presentations

If you are pitching a product/service to potential customers or clients, a sales presentation might be required. These can often include your company’s unique selling propositions, pricing information, and testimonials.

Report Presentations

You will often be asked to create a report on sales and marketing performance, website revenue, or any other data your supervisors are interested in.

Keynote Presentations

A keynote presentation is more like a speech given in front of an audience. You can think of TED Talks or keynote speakers at conferences or events. 


Summarize and organize information for presentations

  1. Identify the core message to center your presentation design around a single message.
  2. Any information that does not support the core message must be removed
  3. To keep your attention focused, create a strong outline for your presentation.
  4. Text can be used to reinforce and not repeat what you are saying
  5. One major takeaway per slide is the way to design your presentation
  6. Visuals can be used to emphasize the key message of each slide

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Make your presentation design more powerful.

  1. To orient, your audience, use scaffolding slides and keep them interested
  2. For emphasis, use text size, weight, and color
  3. To avoid distraction, use the same design choices.
  4. Divide a group presentation according to topic
  5. To keep your audience’s attention, you can use a variety of page layouts
  6. To get started, use a presentation template


Tips to have a better presentation design:


Use less text and more visuals to enhance your presentation design

These are the 3 most annoying things about presentations.

  1. Slides read by speakers
  2. Slides with full sentences of text
  3. Text too small to be read

Text is the common thread that unites all these presentation problems. Audiences can be very particular about the presentation slide deck text.

In my speaking engagements at conferences and webinars in the past few years, we have found that audiences respond positively to visual presentations over text-based presentations. A slide decks include many visual examples so that my audience is more engaged and able to ask questions.

Use 2-3 fonts and colors

It can be tempting to use as many fonts and colors as possible, and best design practices recommend that you only use two or three.

It would help if you also had jobs for your fonts and color scheme’s. Also, you can choose one font for your headers and another for the body copy. A third accent font might be used.

Take Advantage of Powerful Visuals

Visual elements are key to engaging presentations. You can think stock photos, icons and illustrations, videos, charts and graphs, as well as videos. 

Your visuals should ideally reflect the slides’ words. Also, your presentation should have visuals that complement it, not take away from it. 

Avoid Bullet Points

A good presentation design tutorial will tell you to avoid bullet points. Bullet points are boring and obsolete and there are better ways of displaying your content.


Add a Single Animation Style

You can use only a few animation styles in one slide layout or presentation. This can cause your viewers to lose focus on your value proposition or the story you are trying to tell. Instead, choose one animation style you like and use it throughout your presentation.


Highlight Key Points

Use shapes, bright fonts, and characters pointing at your copy, or similar elements, to highlight key information.

Section Breakup

Another tip is to use section header slides to break up sections in your presentation. These could be any type of slide, including a blank slide with a background photo and a quote.

Stick to one Transition Style

The transition is how one slide leaves the screen, and another appears. Visme and PowerPoint provide many transition options. However, simplicity is always better.

Limit A Single Takeaway Per Slide

You want your slide design to be clean, clear, and crisp. Make sure you center all text and visuals around a single idea or takeaway. You can make your presentation look messy and unorganized if you have multiple ideas on a slide.

Change the Size, Weight, and Color of Your Font To Emphasize an Idea

You can enhance the presentation design by ensuring that every slide has a focal point. This is a spot where the eye is drawn immediately to. This focal point should be located on your main idea. Your audience can immediately see what you have to share next and what to expect.


Embed Videos to Slides

You don’t have to add a link to a video to your slides if you have one to share with your audience. Instead, embed it right into your presentation. This will make your slide come to life. It will also make it easier for you to present.


Choose a presentation template

A presentation design tip that will never go obsolete? Instead of creating your own slideshow from scratch, start by choosing a template.



Ordering presentation design can be a great way to create engaging and professional presentation’s that will help you stand out from the crowd. To order a presentation design, you should start by researching different designs and options available. From there, you can communicate with designers and discuss your project, budget, timeline, and any other details. Once the design process is underway, you should work with the designer to ensure that your presentation’s vision meets their expectations. With careful planning and research, ordering presentation design can be an easy process that leads to beautiful results.

Presentation design services :

With our presentation design services, we can help you create an amazing visual representation of your business. They are designed by professional strategists and designers who understand how important it is to have visuals that communicate clearly and effectively while still being aesthetically pleasing. They’re also created using the most up-to-date data so they won’t become obsolete quickly like other types of marketing material might be.

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