How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking
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Have you ever seen some people born with the ability to speak in public and are very successful? I’ve always wondered how is it possible. How do they have confidence all the time?

The secret is that there is no secret. happily, it’s viable to overcome your fear so you can provide effective public speeches. First, construct your self-assurance by knowing your subject matter well and getting ready for your speech. Then, attempt relaxation techniques to help you address your overall performance tension. additionally, confront your worries so you can let them cross. in case you continue to struggle with public speaking, take a category or reach out to a person who can assist.


1. While you’re speaking, make eye contact.

We should do something to reduce our stress to some extent and to attract the audience’s attention with a small thought-provoking task. We have to make all the attention of the audience and listeners towards us. When we start, we look at all people, but after that, if we don’t establish good and effective eye contact with people again, we have lost the game. We have to make every person in that crowd think that he is our only audience and we are speaking for him, and this is the secret of our victory.

I understand that the first few times you are doing it, it must be very difficult for you, and you can do it without hesitation. When you make eye contact, you may get distracted, get stressed or your hands get wet from stress but don’t be afraid, all this will pass only the first few times you do it. You see that you get stressed and annoyed.

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2. Choose A Topic You’re Passionate About

When you care about something, it becomes easier to speak about it and get others invested and passionate about what you’re talking about as well. So if you’re going to speak on a topic, make sure it’s something you’re passionate about.

Overcome nervous public speaking feelings by choosing a topic that:

  • Has had an inordinate impact on you
  • You want to share with others
  • You intensely feel others could benefit from knowing 
  • You can speak about it from the heart

Other people can benefit from the knowledge you have gained through your unique experiences. Combine your passions with your desire to improve others’ lives to calm your nerves and boost your confidence in front of an audience. (Ambien)


3. Get Organized

One of the events that increase our stress and cause us to fail is not being prepared. We don’t know where our main points sheet went, how to enter and start, and many other things, all of which increase our stress, which is not in our favor.

We should prepare everything in advance, read the text many times, and have complete mastery over it. We have colored certain parts of our speech so that we know which ones are more important. Let’s test that the device we are using is healthy.

The strange thing that I want you to think about is to think carefully about what events you can expect outside of the program. Be prepared for them as well. When you are prepared for what might happen, such as asking questions during the presentation, you will no longer be stressed.


4. Record Yourself 

Seeing ourselves over and over again can reduce our fear of speaking and show us our faults until we have seen people who follow certain music professionally or athletes who look for their faults but do not understand where the fault is. are you

They use this hobby very simply, they record a video of themselves exercising or playing an instrument, and then they watch it carefully and this is how they realize their faults.

Take a complete video of yourself while making a joke, even if in the middle of it you run out of words or get confused, don’t repeat it. In the end, watch it carefully and check the points and reasons, and issues that you may forget, or Write down your confusion and prepare for it.


5. Have Someone Review Your Presentation 

It is true that we review for ourselves many times before mocking, but having a person for whom we can do this mocking can be a miracle.

The reason for this is not to reduce our stress or shed our fear, but rather to be in contact with a real audience and to hear our weaknesses and strengths or the audience’s opinion from him so that we can understand the flaws before criticizing them. modify and rebuild.



In the end, I deeply think that if you follow the instructions explained to you above, there is no need to be afraid of being ridiculed in the crowd, in addition, having a good presentation can help you a lot in doing this, but one of the most important points Believing in yourself is the first step you have to believe in yourself that you can and you will finish this job in the best possible way.

In line with the text of your presentation or preparing your PowerPoint, I think it is better to partner with a company or people who have high experience in this field to help you do this and reduce your stress. My colleagues at Tamis Marketing will do their best to help you, so if you need help, contact us.


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