How to performing a successful Instagram audit? Best tips and tricks

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Best tips and tricks for How to perform a successful Instagram audit

Instagram is one of the most used social media platform’s with over 1.20 billion users. If you use Instagram to promote your products or services, your chances of being noticed will rise. A social media audit can help streamline your work and regularly assess your results. An Instagram audit provides a comprehensive view of the brand’s Instagram account. An audit will help you identify areas that need improvement, such as captions and visual branding. You might find areas that need improvement by going through your IG account piece by piece.


What’s an Instagram audit? Why is it so useful?

An Instagram audit can help you determine if your posts, stories, and reels help propel your brand’s values into your industry.

Your Instagram content should achieve your brand’s goals. An Instagram audit can help you find out more about the performance of your campaign on this platform.

This analysis will help you determine if your marketing strategy is moving in the right direction.


How to conduct an Instagram audit

Let’s now learn more about Instagram audits. We will demonstrate how to do an Instagram audit. This step-by-step guide will help you understand the process.


Why do you need to run an Instagram audit?

You might be wondering why it is so important to spend hours reviewing the Instagram account’s of your clients.

Here are some ways an Instagram page audit can help your clients and you achieve terrific results.

Set your goals and KPIs

Your goals should be the first thing you do when you create your Instagram account.


Assess your Instagram profile.

Assess your profile and make any necessary changes to attract clients, Instagram followers, and future clients.


Make use of the right marketing tools.

You need to consider the different marketing tools you can use to analyze your Instagram marketing strategy.


Find out more about your community and followers.

Consider what your followers are interested in and use a social listening tool for insight into what they think about your brand. This advanced tool will allow you to find out the location, interests, gender, age, work environment, and other details of your followers.


Review your Instagram content.

If you have had an Instagram account for longer, this step of your Instagram audit is unavailable. This means you will need to go through your Instagram content. You can delete any old ideas or designs you used in the past if they no longer fit your goals.


Consider your voice and branding.

To connect people to your brand, it is essential to show your humanity. Regardless of your success, telling your story will help people empathize. You can build your voice if you have a story to tell and a purpose.


Create some growth strategies.

You will attract more people to your brand and work with like-minded people. You can also implement a hashtag strategy to encourage users to find you.

Instagram ad’s are another growth strategy that you should consider. You can use ads to get your organic content into more people’s newsfeeds.


Check your posting frequency.

You could also look at your competition to see what content they are using and how often they post.

You can find the most active times for your followers by looking at their demographics. You’ll be able to identify when your followers are most active.


Check your hashtag strategy.

Hashtags are a great strategy for growth, opening up new opportunities and providing guidance to those who need to learn how they can spread their content.


Remove false followers

Fake followers could be your Instagram page’s biggest enemy. Fake followers can be bots or accounts that were created to increase the number of followers for specific brands. Fake account’s are those that have zero followers and no more than 10 posts.


How to perform a successful Instagram audit?

An Instagram audit provides a comprehensive view of your brand’s Instagram account. An audit will help you identify areas that need improvement, such as captions and visual branding. An audit of your Instagram account may reveal areas that need improvement. Although it may sound intimidating, an Instagram audit is quite simple. Take some time to concentrate and follow these ten steps.


Audit your IG branding.

What’s your first impression when people visit your Instagram account page? Start by looking at your profile page. Imagine yourself as a visitor for the first time. What are your first places to look? Which links do you click on most often? It gives you an idea of the brand’s mission.


Edit your IG profile and bio.

Your profile contains everything you have highlighted. People first see the bio when they visit your profile page. Your branding should be consistent with your username and your name. These fields will be used in Instagram’s search results. The bio section is now. Is it clear? Are there branded hashtags? If you don’t have a well-known brand, try to be informative rather than minimalistic. Why? Social media SEO is what you write about yourself in your bio.


Check your overall Instagram visuals.

Take a look at your Highlight covers, profile photos, and posts. Do they have a consistent tone and feel? While you don’t have to use a grid, the overall visuals of your profile page should be consistent with your brand.


Verify content quality and relevancy.

Instagram is a visual platform, so content quality and relevance are important. Your captions will not be seen if they aren’t eye-catching. You’ll also be removed from the list quickly if you don’t post relevant content.


Check out your Instagram content mix.

The topics as well as the formats that you choose, are part of your Instagram content mix. Do you promote sales or education in your Instagram feed posts? Is there a mix of IG Video and carousels in those feed posts?


Audit your Instagram engagement.

Do you see a decline in engagement? If you don’t get enough engagement on your posts, growing your network and increasing brand awareness is difficult.

Ask questions such as:

  • Are you engaging with brand posts and following the right accounts?
  • Do you respond to comments and DMs alike?
  • Can you leave comments and start conversations about other accounts’ posts on your blog?
  • Do you keep track of user-generated content if you have accounts that tag you?
  • Are you keeping track of your most engaged followers?

Edible arrangements include a mixture of UGC collaborations and influencer collaborations. These can be saved to Highlights so anyone can see them and get inspired by others’ Edible Arrangements.

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