How to present a google slide on a TV?

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I divide presenting into two essential parts. First is to prepare your presentation, content, and other related factors, and send it to prepare how to prepare for your presentation. It is crucial to be prepared and know how to present. 

Here I know many ways that you can present with them, but one great way for presenting is to share it on tv. I will teach you how to do that in this blog post, so stay with us.


How to connect your iPhone or iPad to your big-screen TV?

Here is our first step. I will teach you how to work with ios, so try these options when you want to view your presentation from iPhone, and I paid to connect on a big screen.

You can have many things when the screen is big for sharing. There is no need to have a smart tv. You should follow some simple steps.

Wireless mirroring with AirPlay

The easiest way to connect to something is through Apple’s wireless Airplay protocol cause this allows you to stream your entire screen contents straight onto the top or beam just video and Audio.

To do that:


Step 1:

  • First, you should check that both tv devices and iOS devices are on the same wifi network. Also, before that, if you have a tv with which you didn’t set up their smart tv software, you should set them up and then connect them to the internet.


Step 2:

  • For the emend step, you should go to the screen mirroring button, which looks like overlapping boxes.

Step 3:

  • Select the TV from the list،, but you may face a problem when you have multiple AirPlay-compatible devices, do there, you can consider labeling them based on the room it’s in.

Step 4:

  • to your iOS tool, input the four-digit code that appears on your television display.

Step 5:

  • To disconnect from the tv, comply with steps one through three, after which pick “stop Mirroring” from the list.


Displaying Google Slides on your TV

Step 1:

As the first step, you should open the Google slides presentation you want to show on TV

Step 2:

Here we will get the URL, and we are doing this to make our google slide accessible. 

Step 3:

Here is the third step. I will teach you a great way to share your presentation with  MySpinify.


  • Log into your MySpinify account.
  • From the left-hand menu, click “announcements,” then click on “Messages.”
  • Then you should enter a title for your web screen and add the publish URL.
  • Here you will set the duration that you want to display the slide.
  • Here you should add the web screen to any channel you should like to see it on.
  • For the last step, click” create web screen.”



Wi, these are great ways you can easily share your presentation on the tv screen, but if yay still have any questions, you can ask us, and we will answer. Also, I recommend you to work with agencies that have similar good experience in creating professional presentations so that you can trust them and focus on the second part of your presentation; so ifs you need any help, call us, and my colleague will help you the best way that they can.

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