How to Print PowerPoint with Notes? (Detailed Guide with Tips and Tricks)

How to Print PowerPoint with Notes?
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The final step in preparing for your presentation is to print out copies of the slides with notes attached. The easiest way to do this on PowerPoint 2011 or later versions, open the File tab and select Print from there; then choose “Settings” followed by Printing Notes With Slide option at the bottom right corner – make sure you check mark all three boxes before pressing publish button!

If you want to make sure that your audience can read your PowerPoint slides and your notes at the same time, you can :

  • select to print them in a handout format.

To do this, open the File tab in PowerPoint and select Print.

  • Under Settings, select Print Handouts.
  • You can then choose to print 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 slides per page, as well as how you want the slides to be ordered.
  • PowerPoint will then print your slides and notes in a handout format that your audience can follow along with during your presentation.

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Use Cases

PowerPoint presentations can be printed with or without slide thumbnail marks. The most common use for this feature is to provide handouts, especially when printing out client records and other such documents that require strict accuracy in their layout but not necessarily enough space on each page for all notes included within the presentation itself
The two methods involved here – “with-without” shadows–may seem like subtle differences at first glance; however, there’s actually quite a lot going down behind closed doors!

PowerPoint is a great tool for presenting information to an audience. Giving the presentation alone can be difficult at times if your notes aren’t perfect or accurate enough; luckily there’s always room for improvement! Printing out copies of PowerPoint slides with key points highlighted in yellow makes reviewing them after easier since these will serve as indices that help attendees follow along and take their own notepad by providing additional reference material when needed during questions session after attending one of our training courses etc…

To share PowerPoint presentations with others, you can either email them or convert them into a PDF. This means they’ll be able to view the presentation on any device without having to install Microsoft’s proprietary software!

To create a PDF of your PowerPoint presentation with notes,

  • open the File tab in PowerPoint and select Export.
  • Under File Format, select Create PDF/XPS Document, and then click Create PDF/XPS.

In the Save As dialog box, enter a name for your PDF, and then click Save. PowerPoint will create a PDF of your PowerPoint presentation with notes that you can then email or post online.

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Step-by-Step Guide

How to Print PowerPoint with Notes?


  • Open the presentation.
  • Click the File tab/menu.
  • Click Print.
  • The Print form will open. Under Settings, click the arrow next to Notes Pages.
  • Adjust the page orientation, color, and collation to your preferences.
  • Click Print.

How to Print PowerPoint with Notes?


  • Open the presentation.
  • Click the File menu and click Print.
  • Click Show Details.
  • In the Layout dropdown menu, select Notes.
  • Adjust the page orientation, color, and collation to your preferences.
  • Click Print.

How to Print PowerPoint with Notes?

Print Multiple Slides per Page with Notes


To print more than one slide per page, open your PowerPoint presentation and select File > Print. Under Settings on the menu bar at top of the screen click Number Of Slides To colorize Each Page – this will allow you to choose how many individual slides or all pages together with notes should be printed for each copy made using this document design tool!


There are a few things to keep in mind when printing PowerPoint

Printed slides can be out-of-order if you use the Reorder Slides feature. First, select your desired ordering option from within PowerPoint by clicking on a different slide than what is currently displayed in front of all attendees who need to see it for reference purposes only since they will not view them live during presentation time!


second, PowerPoint only prints 10 slides per page, so if you’re looking to make your presentation go as long without getting too complicated or cluttered with unnecessary information then be sure and print out each slide before continuing on.


Finally, notes print in landscape orientation when printing PowerPoint slides with notes, the program will send them out in a horizontal format. If you want your document’s text łisted vertically instead of horizontally then click on File and make Print settings under which you can select Landscape from the drop-down menu or simply press key Marshall Oliver.

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