How to put a video in Google Slides in the best and fastest way possible?

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You can make your slides more effective by adding a video. Video is quickly becoming the most used medium for content creation. This is not only for external marketing.



How to Put a Video in Google Slides?

Adding video to Google Slides can be an excellent way for your audience to interact with you. It is easy to add them to any presentation.

To insert videos from your hard disk:

1- First, you’ll need to open your Google Drive.

2- Find the file on your computer. Click, drag and drop the file into Google Drive.

3- The video will be uploaded to your Google Drive.

After the file has been uploaded to Google Drive, you need to go to Insert and click video from the drop-down menu.

5- Choose Google Drive. There you can access your file.

6- To customize the settings for the video, use the Format Options panel’s tab ‘Video playback.’

– You can play your video automatically by clicking anywhere on the screen or pressing play.

– You can play a video section using the ‘Start’ or ‘End” boxes. Simply enter the start and end times of the desired section.

If you want to speak in the background while watching the video, ‘Mute Audio’ is an option.

Slides is a browser-based application, so you don’t have to learn how to add a video to Google slides for Mac. It’s the same process and can be used with any operating system.


Note: You will need to upload your video file if it still needs to be added to Google Drive. Drag and drop the video file from your computer to Google Drive. After the file has been uploaded, navigate back into the Insert Video box. The file will now appear under the Google Drive tab.


When do you need to add a video to your google slide?

Presenting a Product

Live product demos can be disastrous. Also, poor Internet connections can cause slow, grainy videos. Your product may not perform as you expect.

These problems can be solved by embedding canned product demos in videos. You can easily present a product in this way without worrying about making mistakes or leaving Google Slides.




Other speakers

Embedded videos allow you to embed pre-recorded messages of guest speakers into your presentation. These videos can be used to add words from company leaders, R&D staff, or satisfied customers.

It’s easy to use other speakers in this manner, and it is flawless. There’s no need to worry about other speakers’ Internet connections, microphones, cameras, or other technical issues.


When making long presentations

Video is unnecessary for short presentations, such as 5-7 slide pitch decks. Engaging videos are a good idea if you have a presentation that lasts more than 10 minutes. This is especially important if you have a complex product or subject matter.



How do you embed a YouTube video into Google slides?

Learning how to add YouTube videos in Google slides will take less than one minute.

You can embed YouTube videos in Google Slides in two ways.

Adding a YouTube URL

  1. Navigate to the Insert> tab, then click on “Video.”
  2. Select the “By URL” tab if you have the video you wish to upload.
  3. Enter the YouTube link. A preview of your YouTube video will be displayed. Select to upload your YouTube video to Google Slides.

Use the built-in YouTube search bar.

Slides also allow you to search YouTube for videos.

  1. In the Insert Video box, select the search tab.
  2. Click on the Search button and type in your keywords. There will be a lot of results. Select the video you wish to add, and then press ‘Select’.

Google Slides’ search function is not the best. We recommend searching YouTube for videos and copying the URL to upload them.

Why should you insert videos in your Google Slide Presentation?

Engaging presentation

Video content can break up the monotony and make presentations more engaging. This makes presentations more enjoyable and helps viewers focus.

Simple explanations of concepts and features

It is difficult to describe some things using images and words. Moreover, This applies to product features, flows, or concepts. An embedded video can help you explain these and many other things in seconds.

Viewers remember more

When they have read a message, audiences only retain 10%. But by watching a video message, they can remember up to 95%. This makes embedding videos a great way to impress your audience with essential ideas.


A video can be used to add or explain information to your Google Slides presentation. Your audience will love to see your topic presented originally.

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