How to put social media on business cards?

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Having a business card is essential, even in the digital age. Business cards are an easy way to provide contacts and relevant information quickly while networking or attending conferences or coworking spaces. However, having an active social media presence is just as important when trying to establish a successful business relationship with others. People need to have the opportunity to get to know you and build trust so that they can effectively do business with you. According to Kelsey Formost, a freelance copywriter: “Letting someone see your daily life cultivates the all-important ‘know, like, trust’ factor we all need to succeed in business.”


Why should you put your Social media on a business card? 

Having a well-designed business card that includes not only your contact details but also your social media accounts can be a great advantage for bloggers, creators, influencers, and entrepreneurs. Including URLs as well as handles for sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat allows you to present an even more comprehensive version of yourself in professional settings. Here’s what putting your social media info on your card can do for you:

  • Establishing meaningful connections is one of the most important aspects of social media. It allows you to display your daily activities and potentially form strong business relationships or even friendships. Additionally, staying in contact with potential customers who have not yet decided to purchase from you can be a great way to warm them up and build an overall relationship.


  • Improve brand recognition with social media marketing. When you continuously show up in someone’s news feed, it could have a huge impact on their brand awareness and lead them to engage and share your content with their peers. Growing your social following can help increase the reach of your content and promote your products or services by expanding your audience base.


  • Gain the trust of your audience and improve your credibility. A strong presence in social media can be beneficial for showcasing that you have a dedicated readership – staying consistent will help you build strong relationships with them. Additionally, connecting on a personal level and giving an inside glimpse into your life or business can create a stronger bond.


How to put social media on business cards?

  • Include the Socisl media icon and your username.

By appearing consistently, business owners can establish a foundation of trust and credibility with their audience. Additionally, providing glimpses into their lives and businesses helps to create a more human connection that many consumers prefer. For example, Stacia Guzzo accomplishes this by linking her accounts through the logos for both Facebook and Instagram, as well as her company name. She also includes her URL in case people want to search for her via that route.


  • Display your full URL 

A direct URL on a business card eliminates the possibility of people being led astray. With just a few quick keystrokes, potential clients and partners will be immediately connected to your social profile without any impediments or confusion. A great example of this can be found in All Tomorrow’s Pixels featuring their full URLs for all of their social accounts.


  • Use a QR code

QR codes are bar codes that can be scanned to direct users to a specific page. Instagram gives its users the option of creating their own unique QR code and printing it on a business card as an invitation for others to scan and follow. This is exactly what Crafty Honey Bee Designs has chosen to do, opting only for an Instagram QR code as its main way of contact. Here’s how you can find your own Instagram QR Code: 1) Go to your profile; 2) click the gear icon in the top right corner; 3) click on the “QR Code” link.


How social media can help your business?

  • It can make you more memorable

To make your mark, it’s essential to remain top-of-mind. While business cards are beneficial, staying memorable is more important in this age of vast options and easy competition. An effective way to do this is through social media; by engaging customers and potential customers online, you can ensure that they think of you first when they need your products or services.

Using social media to engage with customers is an effective way of showcasing the people and style behind your business. By sharing helpful tips or life hacks related to your company, you can spark customer loyalty and maintain high levels of satisfaction. Plus, popping up on customer feeds with a positive presence strengthens the awareness and recognition of your business.


  • It’s an easy way to create buzz

Businesses understand the importance of spreading the word about special events, sales and other news. And traditionally, relying on media such as mailers, brochures and oral communications were the best way to do that. Nowadays, though, businesses have even more options – such as social media – to quickly and effectively reach a larger audience. Aside from special promotions, businesses can also use social media platforms to introduce creative new ideas for their products or remind customers about scheduled services.


  • It gives people instant access

Customers today are used to finding what they need quickly, due to the wealth of information available online. By having a social media presence, you can put yourself easily at their fingertips. They can connect with you instantaneously and even book appointments without waiting for customer service. Your posts can provide information about availability and FAQs for customers to access after hours. Most importantly, when your accounts are responsive to messages, it creates a sense of accessibility that customers appreciate. This helps ensure that no customer requests go unnoticed so you don’t miss any opportunities.

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