How to record a presentation on Mac, and what are best softwares?

How to record a presentation on mac
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Today, Tech YouTubers post their presentations on YouTube to share ideas and knowledge. You can reach more people quickly and give them more ideas. Simple presentations with attractive colors and fonts can impact more than complex presentations that use high-quality audio or video.

You will need to convert the presentation into a movie to upload your video to YouTube or other social media sites. You may need clarification if you’re a mac user. We will tell you how to record a presentation on Mac in this article.


How to record a presentation on Mac?

QuickTime – Record PPT on Mac

QuickTime player is what most people use to view videos. But did you know that you could create amazing videos using that program? Most likely, the answer is no. QuickTime is included free with every Mac computer.

This software allows you to record your screen, export the videos, and then share them on social networks. You can also record audio and edit the videos. There are many editing options. You can customize these functions to make your video more attractive and valuable.

This allows you to record your entire screen and a portion of it. QuickTime Player’s user interface is simple and intuitive. You don’t need to know any technical terms or anything. The user guide will help you to perform the task. The following points will show you how to record PowerPoint presentation’s with audio Mac using QuickTime.

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How do you record a PowerPoint with QuickTime for Mac?

  • First, open QuickTime Player. Next, choose file> New Screen Recording from the Menu Bar. A popup window will then appear on your screen.
  • To record your voice, click the down arrow at the top of the window. You can adjust the volume of your audio recording device.
  • To record your screen, hit the start button. You can stop the recording at both the beginning and end of the screen. Don’t be afraid to start your recording from another screen.
  • The note will then appear. Click to capture the entire screen or a portion of it.
  • Many people wish to record a video using a full-screen or presentation mode. If you wish to record a full screen video, click the Start Recording button.
  • If you wish to capture a specific area of the screen, drag and choose the area you want to record.
  • Your screen is now recorded. Record your screen in one go. Make your slides shorter so students can easily understand them.
  • Once you’re done, click the ESC button to exit the presentation mode. You can also press command control-Esc.
  • Your video will then be saved to your folder. This recorded video can be played on your Mac. You can edit parts of a video by visiting the edit section.
  • Click on the edit menu to trim the beginning or end of your video. To trim the beginning or end of a video, click on the edit menu and drag the yellow line.
  • Click on the File menu and click Save. The video will be saved as QuickTime or format.

Your Mac Recordings can be shared, cut, or saved for future reference.

After you have finished recording the video, you’ll be able to see a thumbnail of the video. This thumbnail is located on the right-hand side of your computer.

  • To open the recording, click on the thumbnail. Click on the Trim option to trim the video. Then click on the Share button to share it.
  • You can transfer your recording to any location you like, documents, trash, or other drives. You can also change the save location.


DemoCreator allows you to record your presentation.

  • DemoCreator can be used to record your PPT on Mac. First, launch DemoCreator. Click on the “New Recordings” button to begin the process.
  • Once you have done this, a small window will appear on your screen. You can now adjust the screen’s size. You can select the entire screen or a portion of it.
  • You can adjust the microphone, webcam, or system Mic option. You can also record video from the camera’s in-built microphone.
  • Select the area you wish to record, then capture the screen. To start recording, press F10. Press F9 to pause the recording. You can also resume the recording by pressing the same key.
  • The editor will open when you have stopped the recording. You can easily edit your video using the editor.

You can create, save, edit, upload and export any video through Mac by following these steps. This will allow you to improve your video quality. This software has many features that will make it a must-have.

You can take screenshots and record your videos with this. With this, you can add your voice and create amazing transitions. The following section will discuss some other unique features of WonderShare DemoCreator, which could be useful for you soon.


An Easy Mac Screen Recorder can be a great option.

With the Mac screen recorder, you can record a presentation from your Mac. This will eliminate all issues that can arise from QuickTime. Let’s first discuss QuickTime’s limitations.

What are the Limitations of QuickTime player on Mac?

  • QuickTime has fewer additional features than other screen recording apps if you compare it with them.
  • You will need to manually install additional codes if you wish to add audio and videos to your recording.
  • It does not support FLV and AVI files.
  • Bloatware is required to run the software. Bloatware takes up a lot of space on your computer and can cause problems with other software.
  • QuickTime player records large files, so it can take a long time to download one file.

You may also feel other problems while you work on it. Which QuickTime alternative is best? It doesn’t have any of the limitations mentioned above.


Have you heard of Wondershare DemoCreator? Yes! Wondershare DemoCreator offers a better alternative to QuickTime. Let’s see how I record a presentation on Mac.

WonderShare DemoCreator provides a one-stop solution for beginners. This is an amazing tool for anyone who wants to make a career out of video editing and content creation. Most professional YouTubers use this application for video editing and recording. This allows you to easily create and upload tutorials, product demos, and gaming tuts.

This will allow you to create a simple video editing experience. This application is easy to use if you follow the instructions. This is the best screen recorder you’ll ever use. Wondershare demo creator allows you to create professional-looking videos. You can choose from a simple interface or a user-friendly interface.

Screenshot recording

Spotlight search can help you find Screenshot (CMD + space), then type Screenshot.

You can also use the shortcut Shift + MMD + 5.

Next, please choose to capture the entire screen or a portion (and position the area you need).

Next, select the Options menu.

  • If you wish to add narration, you will need a microphone input
  • A location where the final recording can be made.
  • Whether you would like your mouse pointer included in the recording
  • The delay between pressing the start button and the recording actually starting is essentially useful.

When you are done, press the record button. The recording icon is located in the menu bar at the top-right.

For a stop recording, press CTRL + ESC (or click on the recording icon at the menu bar).

The Screenshot does not come with editing tools. You will need to trim the beginning and end if needed. Quicktime can open your recording and allow you to use the basic editing tools. Apple iMovie can be used for more advanced editing.

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VLC can capture PowerPoint Presentation with Audio

VLC has more features than simply playing videos. This application can be considered a professional tool because it supports almost all the next-generation codecs, such as MPEG-4, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4. It is open-source software and can be enriched with plugins.

You will need sound equipment to record your voice in PowerPoint presentation’s with audio and video Mac. Once the hardware and software are ready, you can begin recording whatever you want.


You learned how to use various editing and recording software if you are a Mac user. This software will allow you to do it better. These points are for Mac users. Also, Wondershare DemoCreator is free for Mac users. You can also record your presentation using it.

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