How to Remove an Image Background in Microsoft PowerPoint?

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We are always searching for good ways to improve our presentation and look more professional, and you can use many presentation hacks and look more professional. One of the most significant ways to do that is to remove or add your background to your presentations. This action will show others that you care about the most specific part of your presentation so they can trust you even more, and you can have a significant effect on your audience.

We have many reasons to share a presentation on this topic with you. One of the most important ones was that we are trying to teach you the best hacks and tips about presentations, so in this blog post, I will teach you to remove the image background.


Why do we need to remove an image background?

First, we need to know why we need to remove our background. These are some of the reasons why we do need one. 


1- Eliminate Unnecessary Objects

There are times when we need to delete unnecessary objects so that we can 

Have focused on the essential parts, or we can focus on the details we need. 

By removing those items, you can produce clean images that retain your audience’s attention, and catching audiences’ attention is the exact thing we are searching for.


2- Replace & Optimize Your Background

If you look closer at temis images, you can understand that we have our background template, and it’s different from others, so this point is not about your presentations, and you may need to have your background cause of your brand or anything else. 

In your presentation, you need to show your audience you are unique. This is an excellent point to show them you are different from others. You may pay attention to the details, and you keep your brand and kept to even in your presentations.


3- Optimize Photos For Other Use

You can also optimize your background images for others, as many companies and agencies have been using this for so very long. 


Does it help us to remove our image background?

Removing backgrounds from pictures comes with many benefits for us. Here we are going to check some of the benefits that it has for us:

1- Having more space 

Here you will remove some unnecessary items, and then you have lots of space to off the things that you want, and you believe that they are going to catch your audience’s attention.


2- It will help your slides in your PowerPoint presentation work easier 

This means that after removing the unnecessary items and unwanted background, you have more space and so the slides can work faster


3- Beautify the image

We might consider different things beautiful images, but here I mean, this will catch your audience’s attention. 


Removing a White Background from an Image

It is the faster way to remove a background, and you will use the set transparent color tool.


Step 1:

Insert and pick a photograph in your slide.


Step 2:

Navigate to the photograph gear Format Tab.


Step 3:

Open the shade dropdown menu.


Step 4:

pick the Set transparent color device 

(your cursor becomes a little pen with an arrow).


Step 5:

Click on the color you need to get rid of your heritage.


Removing a Complicated Image Background

 In this method for removing the background of your image, you should simply follow these five steps:


Step 1:

pick the image for your slide


Step 2:

Navigate to the photo layout tab


Step 3:

pick the get rid of background command


Step 4:

modify your removal settings (described underneath).


Step 5:

pick hold modifications


Undoing Your Background Removal

It is a default on PowerPoint that when you remove the background on PowerPoint, it hides from you, so what can we do when we want the part that we remove? There is a way to undo your background removal in three simple steps:


Step 1:

select your picture with the eliminated background11.jpg

Step 2:

Navigate to the picture format tab12.jpg

Step 3:

Click do away with the historical past13.jpg


Now you know removing background is one of the essential items you should learn. You can use them in your presentations, but there are other reasons that you can learn to remove background for those reasons, such as preparing images for your blog. But I also recommend you consider whether your presentation is essential and whether you can handle it. If you are still determining whether you can take it, it’s much better to work with an agency with experience in creating and designing. Good presentations. I mean, they know the process; they know the. They are the best tool to use and can also help you with your presentation, so it’s better to call one and ask them your questions. As a start, you can use our free consult in Temis marketing; my colleagues are trying their best to help you as much as possible.

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