How to remove logo from ppt template?

how to remove logo from ppt
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Logos are one of the valuable elements in PowerPoint; mostly you may use it for branding, marketing goals, or watermarking your presentation because of copyright. Sometimes, you need to remove the logo from the presentation, no matter where you have it, in the whole PowerPoint presentation design services or in the footer as a watermark. In our blog post, we are going to explore how to remove logo from PPT and any tips and tricks you may need to know about how to remove them.

How to remove logo from PowerPoint Template?

We are going to introduce you to every possible method to learn how to remove company logo from ppt. Here we go:

Method 1 – Using Slide MasterftSlide Master is a feature inside the PowerPoint app to apply changes all in one place to all your slides.

1-Open the PowerPoint that you want to remove the logo from, and in the View tab, select Slide Master.

remove logo from PowerPoint Template

2-On the left side of the thumbnail pane, select slide layout, which contains the logo that you want to remove.

remove logo from PowerPoint

3-Click on the logo to select it.

how to remove company logo from ppt

4-Now press the Delete to finish the process.

remove logo from PPT

5-Finally, click on Close to quiet the Master View.

remove company logo from PPT

Method 2 – Background Pane

If your presentation background image contains the logo as a watermark and you want to remove logo from PPT (for example, the logo of your company,) you can use another built-in feature of Microsoft PowerPoint, Background Pane.

1-Open your targeted PowerPoint to remove the logo.

remove company logo from powerpoint

2-Click on any slide you want to remove the logo.

remove logo from PPT slide

3-Find the Design tab in the top window, and choose Format Background.

remove company logo from ppt slide

4-Now you have the Background pane; just click the Fill drop-down menu and then choose the Solid fill.

PowerPoint that you want to remove the logo from

5-Your logo will disappear by clicking on the Color drop-down menu and selecting a color for the background.

PowerPoint that you remove the logo from

6-It’s done. Click on Close.

PowerPoint to remove the logo

Method 3- Using from third-party apps

Another method to remove company logo from PPT is using several third-party apps and image editing programs, among others, you could remove logo from PPT and insert logo on all slides PowerPoint. These different tools come with their own strengths and weaknesses; hence, each user will have to choose the most suitable for them depending on their skills and objectives involved in each project.

  • Adobe Photoshop

Removing logos is commonly done using Adobe Photoshop, as it provides several tools and capabilities. But in most cases, it is very hard to understand and use if a user is unaware of the programs.

  • GIMP

GIMP is a free and open-source substitute for Photoshop, which can also be utilized to remove logos. It has many features, is easy to use, and is relatively cheap, making it an ideal option for those on a budget.

  • Inkscape

Another free and open-source vector graphics editor that can be used for the removal of logos is Inkscape. This is an excellent choice due to its large number of options that may be used with several editors.

Removing a logo using any of these tools is quite easy. Just ensure that you save your alterations on the template so that you will always be able to use it at a later date.

Tips for how to remove logo from PowerPoint

Before knowing how to remove logo in ppt, ensure that you have a backup copy of your PowerPoint if things go wrong.

If you are using third-party apps to remove logos from PPT, ensure to read and follow the instructions they prepared clearly. Always test them on a copy of PowerPoint if you want to remove the logo from it.

Be careful about not deleting any essential information if you are going to logo branding presentation.


Logos in PPT are common, but sometimes you may need to remove them. Learning how to remove logo from PPT, as you see, is relatively easy and challenging. We introduced methods to remove logos from your PowerPoint with ease.


How do I change the logo on a PowerPoint template?

Open the template in PowerPoint, then you need to locate it. The “Slide Master” is under the View tab. Highlight the logo you want to change and make your modifications. Now, you can delete or change the logo. The built-in Slide Master is the brain of PowerPoint.

How can I remove a logo from a picture online?

Upload the photo that you want to edit or remove it’s Fotor’s watermark. And now mark your target watermark. Brush over the watermark, and automatically, Fotor will remove it from the photo. It’s almost done; download your picture with no watermark in high-quality file format PNG or JPG image for free.

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