How To Run A UI Design Critique?

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How To Run A UI Design Critique?

A layout critique — wherein the writer discusses and explains the creation with the relaxation of the team and client — isn’t approximately badgering the fashion designer or pushing them to justify each choice they made. That’s simply a grievance.

An excellent design critique is supposed to explore the design, locate where it operates, and where it could be stepped forward. If performed well, layout evaluations allow anybody in the group to experience as if they had been heard and permit customers to present valuable comments.

A layout critique — in which the author discusses and explains the introduction with the relaxation of the group and purchaser — isn’t always about badgering the dressmaker or pushing them to justify each selection they made. That’s just criticism.

Designing a product involves many steps and it’s important to stay open-minded throughout the process. A good way of doing this, as discussed in reference, is by performing design critiques because they help designers think outside their comfort zone which often results in innovative designs with better business objectives met!

Good critique is focused on specific aspects of the product and thoroughly explores the presented solution. Also, it depends on the participants’ skills, goals, and responsibilities.

It’s not just only about what the product looks like at the moment, but also how it works over time and weather; it will solve the user’s problems and what they exactly need.

There are some parts that a UI critique will consider, such as:

  • Context:

One of the most critical parts that we should care about is contact.

  • Consistency:

This can include color, typography, controls, imagery, and any design element that is used more than once, 

  • Simplicity:

In my view, it’s essential cause it should be simple as it can get the job end.



 Ask a question to hear them.

This one needs more explanation cause you may be confused; there are some people who just ask questions to which their know the answer. I mean, don’t ask that simply so that you can answer yourself. You should listen to what they say, not just hear your own voice from someone else.



How to make it more simple?

Probably many designers have problems with that cause it is too damn hard. Clients often think they need to include many things that the audience may need, but after that, you can’t find the thing that you need. 

The main problem is how we can solve this problem. You had to ask after every step in design how we could create something that requires less thought but still keeps the power.

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How to find a solution?

Ui design is more like a story, and then if we need an answer to find a solution we need to ask the designers how instead of why cause its how we can understand what possibilities the designers consider before, and you have to listen carefully to what the designers have already tried 

before offering a suggestion.




This query will surprise a lot of designers who’re used to the static nature that has dominated UI design for years. But the movement, animation, and transitions have become the norm in enjoy design. The motion will soon be as critical to don’t forget in a design as color.


Movement or exchange will be as simple as an exchange in opacity or coloration, a monkey’s arm stretching throughout the web page, or a solar rising as the person completes a venture. Asking about adding moment-to-second motion in a UI layout will often push the clothier to exchange their attitude in excellent ways. Push the designer to assume past the discrete moment and to discuss the design in time, not simply in area.



Avoiding Hostile Critiques

Reviews may be — and often are — finished in a pugnacious manner, wherein members of the crew, for anything motive, are willing to criticize the work without taking note of the ideal way that went into its creation. They bring their very own biases to the layout in place of taking into account the consumer, and they often simply attempt to expose how smart they’re.


You could usually inform when a critique will become overly competitive: The designer tends to emerge as prickly approximately their choices, as opposed to giving an explanation for how they arrived at them and talking alternatives. The critical thing to ward off competitive critiques is to set out clean principles and ask open-ended, constructive questions. Remember the fact that the idea is to strengthen the layout collaboratively, no longer to win a layout battle.

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A Critique Is Not Usability Testing

It’s easy to trick yourself into wondering that you speak for the target audience, either through the usage of personas or your own biases. No matter how many personas you create or opinions you run through; you are not your audience. Steve Krug tells me:

Much like a laser degree as opposed to a bubble stage, usability trying out is greater specific and correct than inner critiques; however also typically more time-consuming and luxurious. Everyday design critiques are worthwhile for preserving a venture on track but can never replace getting out within the discipline and trying out with actual-life users. Otherwise, all you’re doing is speaking to yourself.



We are sure that it could be a bit hard for you, especially if you are working with groups that do not experiment with the design critique format.

In the end, if you need any other help or you think something is missing in this blog, just tell us, and my colleague in temis marketing will help you the best way that they can.


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