How to see who unliked my Instagram post?

how to see who unliked my instagram post
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Instagram is one of the most popular and beloved social media platforms that is used by users daily all around the world. You share your favorite photos and videos with your followers, and they can like, comment, and share them with others. Day by day, Facebook, the owner of Instagram, releases updates with new features and exciting abilities for a better timeshare presentation and user experience. Social media navigation is both enjoyable and challenging; for example, you may ask yourself, can I see someone who doesn’t like my photo and take a like back, or how to see who unliked my Instagram post? Is it possible? We will answer all your questions about it.

can you see if someone unliked your photo on instagram

How to see who liked and unliked Instagram posts?

We claim that there is no official method from Instagram to see who unliked your photo on Instagram. Because of Instagram’s user privacy rules, they don’t track such information, and you can’t look for this subject through Instagram’s API. So, what about your question?

We should say that some third-party applications claim they can track activities on your Instagram post to notice you to see who unliked your photo on Instagram. Their algorithm is based on the likes on your post, and they will notify you when a like on your post turns to unlike.

NOTE: It’s crucial to note this subject that third-party applications are not endorsed from Instagram, so they can be dangerous and not reliable. Our research shows that most of these third-party applications require a user’s login credentials, which is risky and, because of security reasons, can be harmful.

how to see who liked and unliked instagram

If you have too many followers, finding out who disliked your post is almost impossible. Thus, you know all your followers! About Instagram accounts, those who have a certain number of followers can see who unliked their photo on Instagram by checking their Instagram likes counter.

To do this, simply open your posted photo and click on the likes to appear likes list on your display; you should memorize or take a screenshot from the liked list to check later to see who unliked your photo on Instagram. This is the easiest and simplest method for those who have a certain number of followers. Instagram accounts with many followers will get thousands of likes, so it would be really challenging and hard to track the likes manually.

who unliked my instagram post

Important Note: In recent Instagram updates and because of the psychological effects of the likes on Instagram posts, they decided to enable users to hide their like counter in their Instagram. Based on this huge update, no one, even you, can’t see how many likes you get for a post, and it’s showing as liked by somebody and others.


When someone likes your photo on Instagram, you will be noticed, but when they take it back, you will not notice it, so the only way to find out who unliked your photo is to check the post rapidly, which would be challenging for those accounts who have too many followers. As we guide you in our article, finding out how to see who unliked your photo on Instagram is not as easy as it was in the past because of privacy policy.


Can someone see if you unliked a photo on Instagram?

People cannot see what you’ve unliked. Post owners are only notified when you like their posts, and they won’t know if you later, unlike, well, except they decide to go through the likes where they can now see that your like is no longer on their post.

How do you know if someone unliked your picture?

Names and total likes number” just below your pic and see who liked your post. If you know that a certain person had liked the post before and they’re no longer in the list you see, then you know they’ve unliked that post.

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