How to See Who Unliked Your Photo on Instagram?

How to See Who Unliked Your Photo on Instagram?
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Who knew that social media could be so much fun? If you ever find yourself wondering who has unliked your photo on Instagram, then this blog is for YOU! We’ll show you how to see the list of people who didn’t like it. And maybe we can figure out why they’re doing such a thing…or at least give them some flack back 🙂

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open up the Instagram app and go to your profile

Open up the Instagram app and go to your profile

Open up the Instagram app and go to your profile. From there, tap on three lines in the top left corner of the screen (this will open the menu). Select Settings from the list; then the Account option appears below Logged In With Facebook box – click it! This takes you back to the previous page showing all likes/unlikes for any photos posted by users along with their names if available so that other users can see who’s favorite or unliking what material within themselves.

If you want to see who unliked your photo, simply scroll through the list and look for the person’s name. If their name is crossed out, that means they unliked your photo. Keep in mind that this only works for people who have liked your photos at some point; if someone has never liked one of your photos, they will not show up on this list.

navigate to that photo and then look for the number in parentheses next to "Likes."

Navigate to that photo and then look for the number in parentheses next to “Likes.”

If you want to see who has recently unliked one of your photos, simply navigate the photo and look for a number in parentheses next to “Likes.” This indicates how many people like this specific picture at any given time.

If someone removes their Like on it (or if they were never liked), then there will be fewer numbers below that particular item’s name; when tapping into more detailed information about why somebody might’ve taken such an action – including whether something was spammy or not-fashioned related–a list appears containing all those respective users’ Twitter handles so we can hunt them down!


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When someone likes your photo but doesn’t want to see more of what you post, there are a couple of different reasons why. Maybe they’re trying out the app and just haven’t found any pictures that interest them yet or maybe their Instagram account is too busy with other people’s content so it clutters up their feed unexpectedly when another user uploads one picture after another without warning (although this has become less common). In either case, I hope these tips help figure out how visibility into who unlikes photos on Instagram works!


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